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Recipe Of The Day - Game Soup - Whitehouse Cookbook Recipes

289/365 SOUP
289/365 SOUP (Photo credit: cheesy42)
From an 1887 Whitehouse Cookbook;

Two grouse or partridges, or, if you have neither, use a pair of
rabbits; half a pound of lean ham; two medium-sized onions; one pound
of lean beef; fried bread; butter for frying; pepper, salt and two
stalks of white celery cut into inch lengths; three quarts of water.
Joint your game neatly; cut the ham and onions into small pieces, fry
all in butter to a light brown. Put into a soup-pot with the beef, cut
into strips, add a little pepper. Pour on the water; heat slowly, and
stew gently two hours. Take out the pieces of bird, and cover in a
bowl; cook the soup an hour longer; strain; cool; drop in the celery
and simmer ten minutes. Pour upon fried bread in the tureen.
Venison soup made the same, with the addition of a tablespoonful of
brown flour wet into a paste with cold water, adding a tablespoonful
of catsup, Worcestershire, or other pungent sauce, and a glass of
Madeira or brown sherry.

An historical recipe straight from the Whitehouse.  
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