Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Watch Out For Big Talk - The Political Comic That Is Gaining Major Ground

Idealism Watch out for big talk" target="_blank">American Idealism Watch out for big talk from Chuck Thompson

We posted this comic book yesterday on our SlideShare account and it went viral within a matter of minutes.  Produced by the National Manufacturers Association back in 1950, it was a free giveaway.  It's an historical look at politics and what to watch out for that has destroyed nations throughout history.  The same techniques are used time and time again as they are time tested proven ways to destroy a nation.  If we do not watch out for what is really going on, we face the same fate.  The comic book is available for free downloads on our SlideShare site. Just hit the save button at the top of the container.  You are also welcome to embed this comic onto your own site to share it with others.  The embedding code is also on the SlideShare site as well.
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