Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Virginia Council On Women Presents Report on Working Women in Virginia

Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell speaking at...
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~ Council Makes Recommendations Aimed at Improving the Lives of Working Women in the Commonwealth ~
Report can be found here.

RICHMOND- The Virginia Council on Women today presented Governor Bob McDonnell with the final report on working women in Virginia. In February 2013, Governor McDonnell charged the Council to look at all aspects of state government and develop recommendations for consideration. The Council, through a special subcommittee on working women, considered recommendations aimed at improving the lives of working women in Virginia. On Wednesday September 18th the Council unanimously approved twenty-nine recommendations targeted at entrepreneurship, education and health, state services and the role of the Council.

            Speaking about the meeting, Governor McDonnell said, “Women in Virginia make up more than half of our workforce.  Every day they balance home and career. This subcommittee was tasked with identifying ways by which state government can help in this ongoing effort. I am pleased to receive this thoughtful report from the Virginia Council on Women. I look forward to further reviewing the Council’s recommendations with my Cabinet and implementing positive changes to better assist working women and their families across the Commonwealth.”

Tracy Key, Virginia Council on Women Chairwoman, remarked, “Identifying ways state government can streamline and improve efficiency of services not only benefits working women but all Virginians.  The Council on Women is pleased to present our recommendations and appreciates all who contributed towards this report.”

            Dawn James, chairwoman of the special committee on working women, said “I am confident these recommendations will not only improve the lives of working women but of all Virginians. It has been my pleasure to lead this special committee on working women. Together, we identified several commonsense ideas to help women in Virginia better interact with state government.”

            For more information about the Virginia Council on Women visithttp://www.commonwealth.virginia.gov/women/index.cfm.

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