Monday, September 23, 2013

Gloucester, VA Government Employee's Violation Mondays Is Back Again.

7:40 AM Monday, September 23rd, 2013, Parks and Recreation employee at McDonald's at the courthouse area.  McDonald's is the new Hardee's?  Looks that way.

Proof that he was going into McDonald's?  Yep, that's him heading in now.

Here comes our boy now.  He's smiling as he just got his happy meal.  Truck number 67.

7:50 AM.  Public Schools van pulls up and is ordering at the drive through.  2 people in this van.

Van number 273.  License plate number 169-938L.  Once again, same McDonald's up in the courthouse area on route 17.

Same van now in line at the drive through.

8:40 AM, Public Schools.  One male parks and goes inside to order takeout.

In the foreground is the Suntrust Bank.  Plate number 138-037L.

This picture shows that the truck is in fact parked at McDonald's.  I saw three separate vehicles here today.  Last week I saw that this is the new Hardee's stop, so this is where I focused my own time.

So if you need to find a Gloucester County Government employee, they are no longer hanging out at Hardee's they are now after those happy meals.  To reach them when they are not at their designated site just call McDonald's at the following phone number, (804)-684-4810.  Guess when we recommended that other fast food restaurants complain about all the Gloucester County employees going to Hardee's, staying away from the other fast food places, McDonald's was the one who actually complained.

  What about Burger King?  Sonic's? or Chick-Fil-A?  Why are the Gloucester employees breaking the laws just to hit McDonald's only now?  Is it that maybe these employees are being sent here to pick up breakfast for Branda Garton, Ted Wilmot or The Kiser?  Now these folks all know that this activity is illegal.  Why do they continue to break the laws each and every week costing all the tax payers untold small fortunes?  Criminals with no regard for the law.

And today of all days when county officials are having the swamp school ground breaking ceremony for the highly controversial swamp property?  Are these employees trying to make fools out of the Gloucester officials?  That really does not take much at this point does it?  Happy Meals now on wheels.  Why do officials still have jobs?  Has it become that in order to move up in the world, you have to show very high levels of incompetence?  If that is the case, the local jails are filled with people more than qualified to take over these jobs and probably do much better at them.

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