Monday, September 23, 2013

Gloucester, (Swamp) Page Middle School Future Views?

Come one come all to the ground breaking ceremony of the new school being built in the middle of a swamp.  A school already mired in very real potential scandals before construction even beings.  Come out and celebrate with those who think they have every right to your future earnings to pay for whatever it is they want.

  The above picture is to give you an idea of what the new Page Middle school may just look like after only a few years.  Sinking back down into the swamp it's being built on, that is provided it is not blown apart because the school is not been built to handle standards of withstanding even a class 2 hurricane.

So a weak tropical storm may just come in and blow the house down?  And all at the very low cost of 26 million dollars not to include the future interest.  But hey, it's your money and not theirs so who cares right?  The Gloucester officials can always put through another bond for 35 million for yet another school and stick you with that bill as well.  

  The ground breaking ceremony is today and Gloucester officials are asking you to come out and support this.  The event starts at 4:00 PM at the grounds of the site of the new school location.  Parking will be at the Gloucester, High school and you will be bused to the new site as there is no parking a the new site yet.

  Monday, September 23rd, 2013.  4:00 PM.  You can go to the high school as early as 3:00 PM to be bused to the new site.   Are you excited about seeing how your tax dollars are being wasted?  

Just remember to keep an eye on any of your loved ones.  Last thing anyone wants to see is another scene like the one above.  Should you see this view while there? Just look the other way please and pretend you didn't see anything.  In fact, help out and cover the hand or foot up with a brick or something.

Future cafeteria views as the swamp takes back over it's rightful place in the area?  Aquatic learning with real life situations?

Proud parents will want to come out to the new swamp school to take pictures of their children playing outside with the new game, swamp ball?

Gloucester Officials may want to follow the lead of China with new school bus issues, getting the children in and out of the school area in the swamp.

But hey, again, it's only 26 million.  Pocket change, right?

So come one, come all.  Remember, it's all about the children.

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