Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Global Poker Games

North American Xbox cover art
North American Xbox cover art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We ran across an article that had this video with it and found it rather interesting.  Though we do not fully buy into everything they are claiming, we can not dismiss some of the material as we have run across it before and it showed to have substantial merit.  Claiming governments to be mere corporations does not fly with us.  It contains no logic.  We do understand how they make this claim based on our own documentary library we maintain on Slideshare that we have yet to fully publish here with notes.  But we still do not agree with the conclusions.

  Below is the document statements that go along with the video.

Global Poker Games from Chuck Thompson

On further research, we will continue this into a series as it has led to other highly interesting documents and information.  Not what we expected to find and all of amazing value.  Some of the arguments in the document appear valid when checked with other sources and some do not check out at all.

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