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Virginia First - Some History

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Replica ship in port at Jamestown Settlement, a living history museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Virginia First:

 THE name First given to the territory occupied by the present United States was Virginia. It was bestowed upon the Country by Elizabeth, greatest of English queens. The United States of America are mere words of description. They are not a name. The rightful and historic name of this great Republic is "Virginia." We must get back to it, if the Country's name is to have any real significance. II. Virginia was the First colony of Great Britain, and her successful settlement furnished the inspiration to English colonization everywhere. For it was the wise Lord Bacon who said that, "As in the arts and sciences the 'first invention' is of more consequence than all the improvements afterwards, so in kingdoms or plantations, the first foundation or planatation is of more dignity than all that followed!." III. On May 13, 1607, the pioneers brought over by the Sarah Constant, the Good Speed, and the Discovery arrived at Jamestown on James River, and Founded the Republic of the United States based on English conceptions of Justice and Liberty. The story of this little settlement is the story of a great nation expanding from small beginnings into one of more than 100,000,000 people inhabiting a land reaching

4. VIRGINIA FIRST finally from ocean to ocean and abounding in riches and power, till when the liberties of all mankind were endangered the descendants of the old Jamestown settlers did in their turn cross the ocean and helped to save the land from which their fathers came. IV. Before any other English settlement was made on this continent, democracy was born at Jamestown by the establishment of England's free institutions—Jury trial, courts for the administration of justice, popular elections in which all the "inhabitants" took part, and a representative Assembly which met at Jamestown, July 30, 1 61 9, and digested the first laws for the new commonwealth. V. There at Jamestown and on James River was the cradle of the Union—The first church, the first block- house, the first wharf, the first glass factory, the first windmill, the first iron works, the first silk worms reared, the first wheat and tobacco raised, the first peaches grown, the first brick house, the first State house, and the first free school (that of Benjamin Syms, 1635). 

VI. In Virginia was the First assertion on this continent of the indissoluble connection of representation and taxation. This was done as early as 1624, and the connection was ever afterwards insisted on, till on May 29, 1765 it received a dramatic interpretation by Patrick Henry, rousing a country to resistance against the Stamp Act.

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Virginia First from Chuck Thompson

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