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Saturday, January 18, 2020

LEO's Not Likely To Enforce Northam's Orders On Monday The 20th

The past few days have created a buzz and a concern for those wishing to attend lobby day by the VCDL as the (Ahmm) Governor has declared, illegally, in the opinion of many, the grounds around the capitol building, a gun free zone during the coming demonstration, expected to be attended by tens of thousands. 

  We have already addressed and posted the law that shows the governor can not declare the area a gun free zone yet the state Supreme court has allowed such anyway.  (Those in supposed leadership seem to want to teach us that the laws mean nothing).  So, Governor Ralph Northam had a barrier put up around the capital land over the weekend to hurd folks, without guns into a small area.  It seems the democrats are scared of "We The People" as they attempt to take away our rights.  Can you imagine? 

  With that said, let's look at the statistics and see if there really should be anything for those planning on attending the event to worry about.  Leo's or Law Enforcement Officers, expected between State police, (Note, not Commonwealth Police), and Capitol Police, 700 total force.  Let's be ultra conservative and say about 30,000 gun owners at the event.  Let's round the numbers up to their favor.  1,000 LEO's to 30,000 gun owners.  That equals one LEO to every 30 people.  Who likes those odds?  Not LEO's.  Now let's look at some of the other scare tactics being deployed here.  Antifa.  Okay, let's give them 1,000.  BLM or Black Lives Matter,  Let's give them another 1,000.  Let's say both Antifa and BLM are anti gun.  Let's say and we know it's not the case, all the LEO's are anti gun, that now makes the new numbers 10 to one.  Anyone have any issues with these figures that would make you nervous, other than being a LEO or antifa or BLM?  Here is what you are not being told.  Most of the LEO's feel the same way as we do.  Most are not going to follow illegal orders.  WIth even a 30 to one ratio, not one LEO would even consider pulling any form of weapon knowing that he has at least 30 pointing at his one.  LEO's are scared to death about Monday.  It's our job to let them know we have their backs in case anything does break loose.

  Now I did say I was being very kind with those numbers.  Heard through the grapevine, the real numbers are looking somewhere between 70,000 gun owners on the low end to 200,000 gun owners on the top end.  The numbers for LEO's is still 700.  Antifa is said to be on the side of gun owners here.  BLM?  Unknown.  Anarchists may show up.  Again low numbers.  If anyone does start anything, "We The People", will shut them down very quickly.  Now we are going to get bad press no matter what.  We all know we can not trust the vast majority of the press.  They were all usurped by Communist leaders years ago.  So ignore them.  Who cares? 

  With all of these considerations, and with the LEO's knowing full well they are outnumbered and most are on our side anyway, I predict that there will be a lot of miscommunications, missed communications and equipment failures even if the equipment proves to be working anyway.  You know, kind of like the equipment failures while Epstein was in jail and killed himself.  Those fences are not permanent.  But maybe we should make them so and secede from the Capitol, like how West Virginia wants us to secede from Virginia.  We just secede our state government and recreate our own Constitutional old Virginia government in a new area.  Then the state government can do whatever it wants and no one will care. 

Folks, both the left and the right who are really left with a faux cover, are trying to use scare tactics so we capitulate our rights for a false sense of security.  That is what is being pitched right now.  Don't buy it.  Again, look at the real numbers.  They know nothing is going to happen, but they want you to think it will.  They are throwing their best garbage at us.  And it is scaring some until we stop and realize what all of this really is.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Gloucester, VA Animal Control Costs Still At About $600.00 Per Incarcerated Doggie

On January 6th, 2014 we did a  story on the outrageous costs we are paying here in the county for Animal Control and how it is costing us about $600.00 per doggie or kitty caught, which takes about two days per animal, and compared that to how one can call an ambulance to save a life at an average cost of about $400.00.

The above is an internal link to that story here on this site.

Here are the latest figures from the county as reported in the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal.  We have to get the information from them because the Animal Control department seems incapable of keeping it's own figures up to date on their web page.  The last entry they have is from 2011.

  The month of December, 2013, calls were down from last year, 237 for 2013 compared to 300 the year before.  43 lost dogs were reported, 41 general inquiries, 37 residents responding to correspondence, 35 stray dogs 13 cruelty cases, (May have been filed against one owner of anywhere from 1 to 6 animals), and 11 cat cases.  What these numbers say?  Nothing other than the secretary answered some phone calls and letters in between filing...... her nails.  It says nothing about how many calls Animal Control officers responded to.  Gee, was this by design?

  The only definitive information that was in the story was that Animal Control officers racked up a hefty 67.5 hours of overtime for the month by going out after hours during the week and calls on the weekend.  This we can only imagine that a good bit of it is above their monthly budgeted payroll plan.  We have to assume that there is some money held in the budget for OT for nights and weekend calls.

  This department is already obviously heavily bloated with way too much personnel that has shown over and over again to not even be capable of following it's own ordinances they are supposed to enforce.  The latest is Animal Control Officer Jeff Stihlman driving down Main Street while playing with his cell phone.  Was he texting?  This was early this morning, January 27th, 2014.  If the county is not looking to cut this department substantially, then we have a serious suggestion for at least ensuring that there will by no further OT expenses.

  There are 3 full time Animal Control officers and one part time Animal Control officer along with one full time secretary.  Why are these people all working a first shift, Monday through Friday if there are calls being answered during the weekday evenings and also on weekends?  Why not run multiple shifts and also incorporate a weekend shift?  This gets rid of the potential for the ridiculous overtime these folks like to rack up.  Put the keystone cops, err.....Animal Control officers to work in a much improved working environment for serving the county if we are going to keep this bloated expense to the taxpayers.  $600.00 per doggie caught and incarcerated?  Really?  The county can't do better than that?

  $400.00 to save a life but $600.00 to put a doggie in doggie jail and it takes two days per doggie?    $600.00 per animal handled for November, 2013 and about the same for December, 2013.  $600.00.  Can anyone think of anything better to do with $600.00?  How much food would that put on your table?  How much gas would that buy?  For some, $600.00 pays their mortgage.  $600.00 would pay a good amount of bills that keep piling up.  How much dog food would $600.00 buy?  How much cat food would $600.00 buy?  Come on folks, these people are costing us all a small fortune and for what?  We do not need these bloated costs and no human lives are being saved?
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gloucester, VA Government Employees Monday Report

Our report for Monday morning of Gloucester, VA employees abuses and breaking local and state laws is running late this week as meetings and other media issues were forced on us to take a front seat in our attention.

  So here is Monday's report.  Gloucester, VA animal control vehicle ,pictured here to the left, was seen driving through the parking lot around the Big Lot's area of the shopping center looking for someone with a camera.  He kept going through the middle of the parking lot looking at all the various vehicles.  He obviously did not see me over at the 7-Eleven.  What was really funny about the entire matter?  Animal Control officers overlooked a woman in a gold Sebring Chrysler convertible with a German Sheppard, unsecured, in the vehicle, with the top down on the vehicle.  So what?  Well in any other case we would agree, except Gloucester has an ordinance that makes this a very clear violation and one we have already argued is not a valid ordinance and have asked to have it removed from the books.  The county has refused to remove it from the books and state that the ordinance is in accordance to state law.  Then why didn't they enforce it here?  Did they violate their oath to uphold county and state laws?  Or did they violate upholding an ordinance they know is a violation?

  Now what really concerns me is that his looking for me was personal and not business use of a government vehicle.  Animal Control personnel are obviously concerned with being caught violating the laws and want the reporting to stop.  How is this county business?

Our boy here, Mr Happy meals on wheels made his Monday morning appearance in the same shopping center for the same reason.  He did not stop for his morning happy meal.  He just drove through the lot looking for someone with a camera.  What is interesting to note, he was caught on both Monday morning last week and again on Friday morning last week and here this past Monday, he is still driving around using a county vehicle for his own personal use.  Officials have done nothing to stop employees from using county vehicles for personal use and even when it is reported to county officials, you still see these same people out continuing to do the same thing over and over and over again.

Only now county employees are looking for someone with a camera.  This is a very simple matter.  When county employees stop violating laws, we will stop taking pictures of them violating the laws.  If they start again, we will start again.  So the question remains.  Why can't county officials manage their employees?
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Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Gloucester Government Employee Corruption Report

7:45 AM Monday morning, September, 30th, 2013, Van number 226, Gloucester County Government vehicle, pulls into 7-Eleven in the courthouse area along route 17.  One man gets out and goes into the store.  Then what?

He goes across the way and over to McDonald's.  Here you see him driving around the building checking out his surroundings to make sure he isn't being watched.

Here is the guy driving that van.  He just finished placing his order at the drive up window at McDonald's.  Sorry the picture is fuzzy but anyone recognizer this guy?  It does not matter, all anyone has to do is look up who had van number 226 today.

License plate 117-607L.  So this guy starts his little adventure at 7-Eleven and then goes to McDonald's, all on your money.  If anyone doubt's the location, we have plenty more pictures of this vehicle at these two locations.  We only seethe need to post so many though.


Vehicle number 23, Public Utilities.  Came out of WaWa at 9:05 AM.  We caught them as they were coming out.  This shot is after the fact going down 17 south.  They were not buying gas.  The county has it's own gas pumps for government vehicles.  More government employees playing around on your tax money using officials vehicles for personal use.

As we continue to say and continue to show.  Gloucester, Virginia officials are incapable of following any rules and think that rules only apply to others and not them.  How many months have we been showing this and the county does nothing about it?  Oath of office means nothing.  Laws mean nothing.  Rules mean nothing, except when it works in their favor.  These people have to be so proud of themselves these days.
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Man Found Alive Days After Motorcycle Crash

By    Catherine Rogers

Gloucester, Va. (WAVY) - A man was found alive on the side of a Gloucester highway Monday after crashing on a motorcycle days before.

Virginia State Police was contacted Monday by the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office to investigate the discovery of a motorcycle crash, according to Corinne Geller with the VSP.

A 2002 Kawasaki motorcycle had been traveling west on Hickory Fork Road when it left the right side of the roadway and overturned about 20 feet from the wood line. The motorcycle slid several more feet into underbrush and struck several trees.

The motorcycle's operator, 28-year-old Daniel G. Cain of Gloucester, was found with broken bones and bug bites about 15 yards away from the highway. He was flown to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Cain's mother, Victoria Jurgensen, told last Wednesday night was the last time she'd seen him, as he left home on his motorcycle to grab a sandwich at a nearby Wawa.

"It's not like him, so we thought he went, saw a girl, he overslept," Jurgensen said. "We waited for him to call, no call, didn't call his boss, didn't call my husband, didn't call me."

Cain, an army reservist, didn't show up for duty over the weekend either.

"The military is his first love, and I knew something was wrong," said Jurgensen.

So she filed a missing persons report with the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office.

"I thought they would start looking for him, did they? No," she said.

Jurgensen took matters into her own hands and enlisted family and friends to search for her son. They searched over the weekend with no luck, but on Monday, family friend Kellie Green and Katrina Welch searched on foot down Hickory Fork Road -- the road to Cain's home. While walking -- and Green saw something.

"So I seen the shoe and I started walking a little further and I saw a pack of cigarettes, and then right here in this area I saw something shiny, and I picked it up and it was a mirror to a motorcycle," Green said.

Green and Welch went into underbrush and found Cain alive and his motorcycle, completely out of view from the highway.

"I was putting up fliers when I got the call from my husband: 'They found Daniel. You need to get back to Hickory Fork Road' ... 'he's alive,' that's all I could think," Jurgensen said.

Geller said the crash happened several days before Cain was found, but it is still uncertain exactly which day.

Jurgensen said her son is still recovering from his injuries.

The crash is still under investigation.
Link back to WAVY TV10 where story originated.  
Comments from area citizens about the local county sheriff's office involvement are rather comical.  Where was the local concern?  

Were they all out having donuts and just didn't want to be bothered?  In all honesty, there are mixed reviews about local law enforcement.  There are some really good people with the department and there are some really bad ones.  So guess it depends on who you talk to when you ask for help.  If you get one of the bad one's, what do they care?  If you get one of the good one's, you can never thank them enough as they have shown to go out of their way for local residents.  Plus anyone can have an off day.  Not an excuse, but it still happens.

  It's a shame that these folks had to experience the bad side of local law enforcement.  Thank God this guy was found still alive and our prayers go out to him and his family.  Looks like the local Sheriff's office has some community repairs to make to their image now. 

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