Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Coinbase - No Easier Way To Get Started With Bitcoin

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Are you looking to buy, sell, send or receive bitcoins? Do you want a full featured wallet without all the techy feel? Well, Bloomberg's Businessweek said it best, "there is no better on-ramp to the bitcoin world than Coinbase." And we agree. Usually, with our normal videos we cover just one feature or one idea, but because Coinbase is so easy to use, we can do a bunch. In this video we are going to open an account on Coinbase, send bitcoins to email addresses and bitcoin addresses, receive bitcoins and yes, we're even going to buy and sell some BTC. Amazing.

Even though we will move slowly, chatting the whole way there will still be time left for discussing the pros and cons of the Coinbase system (one that is likely to be imitated around the world. But, we must a agree with Bloomberg, and it leaves us to wonder -- how great it would be if every country had a Coinbase? Enjoy.

Bigest problem with Coinbase? Well for us, who enjoy learning how bitcoin works, Coinbase keeps us too far removed from the mechanics and the technology. If you're the type who needs to be in full control of your money (you keep your gold in a hole in your back yard) well again, Coinbase isn't for you.

Welcome to WBN's Bitcoin 101 Blackboard Series -- a full beginner to expert course in bitcoin. We hope you enjoy. And remember the official WBN launch is coming up : March 1st, 2014.
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