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Grace Barclay's Recollection of The American Revolution, eBook.

Battle of the Hook, 2013
Battle of the Hook, 2013 (Photo credit: Battleofthehook)

Grace Barclay's Recollection of The American Revolution from Chuck Thompson

In these times of great struggles when it seems as those who are charged with leading this great nation, are falling short, and producing by far less than ideal standards at every level for the American people, we see the rising of Babylon and the destruction of Rome or Greece.  There is nothing new under the sun.  Failure to know and understand history is in fact hurting everyone.  We see masses of people bashing Christians who are only trying to warn people based on God's word, not their own word.

  We see tremendous ignorance everywhere and it is due in large part to the complete and utter failure or destruction of our own educational system, or should we call it more aptly, indoctrination system.  We continue to digitally publish as many old history books as we can to try and fill a gap in the complete lack of understanding that so many suffer from.

  To at least bring some degree of sanity to you where insanity has now become the order of everyday.  The above book about the American Revolution is one created by someone who lived through the ordeal and gives a personal account of what those times were like.  It allows us to compare what our forefather lived through and take a step back and look at how and where we are now.  It may even, with a lot of prayer, inspire one of our leaders to lead down the correct path.  But I wouldn't hold my breath on that.

  If you want a copy of the book, we allow free downloads of this book from our Slideshare site.  
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