Thursday, February 20, 2014

Syria News 2/1/2014, Turkey: Truck loaded with weapons confiscated

A 120 mm High Explosive mortar shell (inert) f...
A 120 mm High Explosive mortar shell (inert) fitted with M734 fuze (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

- Dozens of terrorists killed in military operations in Homs
- Three citizens injured in mortar shell fell behind al-Mouasat Hospital in #Damascus
- Iraq, source in Anbar Operations Command western Iraq: security forces control Khalidiya east of Ramadi
- Palestine: One citizen died of suffocation after inhaling poisonous gases launched by Israeli soldiers

Our Notes:  Just bringing in news from around the world.  This is Syria's perspective on their local events.  We are just showing you their side of what they are dealing with.
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