Thursday, February 20, 2014


Fukushima I nuclear power plant before the 201...
Fukushima I nuclear power plant before the 2011 explosion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Information we are not being given is the fallout from Japan's nuclear meltdown.  Not to create a panic in any way, we simply do not have information as to how bad or how little it is affecting us if at all.  

What needs to be done is ask the logical questions, if there is a media blackout, and there really are serious concerns with all of this, then our national leaders at every level from politicians, corporate heads, bankers and the ultra rich would all be hiding out and not go out into any area of the public.  We are seeing these folks out everywhere.  So chances of this being a major concern are not very likely.

A ray of intelligence?  A different perspective on the entire issue.  We'll go with this one.
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