Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Terror Threat: Shoe Bombs - Wait, What About Boob Bombs?

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ABC News reports the new terror threat, the shoe bomb.

Our Notes:  What about the shoe phone?  Why are they worried about shoe bombs when they should be worried about fingernail bombs.  Those fake fingernails could just contain enough plastic explosives to rip out the side of any plane.  What about explosive hair gels that people may start wearing?  Is anyone checking women with breast implants to make sure that those are real implants and not something that can be taken out and used as a bomb?  Nitro filled boobs?  Maybe everyone should be hospitalized for 24 hours in case they have ingested something that they may be able to get out at a later time that just could prove to be a bomb.

  Wait, why not just discontinue all air travel and declare it all illegal?  In today's society, we can just get online and look at everything.  At what point do we say this is all getting out of hand?  Just a question.

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