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The Secret Doctrine In Israel, eBook

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The Secret Doctrine In Israel from Chuck Thompson

The Secret Doctrine In Israel.  A book that breaks down to some degree, the Kabalah.  No reason to buy books on this ancient mystery, it's right here and costs you nothing to see what is contained in these pages.  Is it the dark side or the side that gives light?  This is a very interesting work to say the least.  If you look at the New Testament of the Bible, then it would strongly suggest that the works are not in keeping with Jesus own teachings who clearly state that he speaks the truth and hides nothing.

  One does have to question any secret teachings.  What good comes from hiding anything?  Knowledge is power is part of secret teachings and in the event you do not believe this, then look through the pages within and you will at least have a much better understanding of the world in which we live in today and why it's in it's present condition.  Evil you are told is part of the path to light and good.  That may just suggest to some that there is no reason not to do evil things as it is the path taught that eventually brings good.  That also equates that the means justify the end results no matter what the means are and or who has to die should the need arise.  Now the book does not come out and say these things in a black and white way, it's there by very strong reference however.

  If you look over the pages here, for those who are within the Masonic order, you may just find that the teachings you are paying for and are being given, are of Jewish origin.  Some secret.  Not to worry.  It's all designed to suck the money out of your pockets and cause you to do some pretty weird stuff.  But hey, who can it possibly harm?  Especially when the means justify the ends?  If you are thinking of becoming a Mason, just donate all your money to us now and read the above book so that you have a massive jump on all the teachings.

  Want to get to the 33rd degree before the end of the year is out?  Read our other secret teachings books as well and you will be well above any 32nd degree Mason you ever meet and at the level of the all exalted 33rd degree Mason.  And we are giving this knowledge away.  They will charge you dearly.  We didn't take the oath so it does not matter that we teach you these secrets.  We are not bound by any of their oaths.  See if they will price match us.  We give away the sacred knowledge, they charge you and make you do silly things and charge you still more for each level.  They even make you dress up in silly looking cloths and accessories too.  We promise not to do that to you.  You can if you really want to.  That's on you.  But we won't ask you to, ever.

  Mormons and 7th Day Adventists may also find the teachings in the above book strikingly familiar as well.  The good news, you are not being asked to pay for the church here or the gardens either.  Though we will gladly accept your worldly possessions donated to us for saving you so much trouble.  Your house, cars, investments and cash is just fine.  Oh wait, we can not possibly forget the Scientologists now can we?    

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