Thursday, February 27, 2014

Edgehill Texaco Service Station, Gloucester, VA Update

Yesterday we asked the question as to the historical significance of the above pictured Edgehill Texaco Station.  Well one of our staff found it and we are going to share that information with you.

Please be sure to take the time to read up on all of this very carefully, for in there is the secret that this isn't an historic landmark by any stretch of the imagination in any area.  So why all of the fuss?  Well that just gets rather interesting.  We think it is a bit early in the entire story we will be telling you, but we have decided to start here because this seems to be the place where everything comes back to for some odd reason.  Well it's not really all that odd once you have caught up with it all.

This is a news story from the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal and starts to clue you in with where we are going.

Now who owns the Edgehill Texaco Service Station?  Everyone seems to think it is the Fairfield Foundation.  Well tax information shows otherwise.  It's the Fairfield Edgehill LLC.  Same owners as the Foundation, but legally separate entities.  

As we understand it, the purchase price for this property?  Over 400 thousand dollars.  Why would anyone pay so much for such junk especially when it is listed by the county as being worth less than 100 thousand?

  This corner may just have some special purpose to keep this intersection the way it is and may just not have anything to do with historical landmarks. Especially when one looks at the estimated costs that are going into the building listed at around 1 million dollars. It's in one of the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal articles above.

  This corner seems to play a very prominent plan for the future of Gloucester and it has nothing to do with historic preservation from what we can tell. It is preservation, but that preservation may not be what people seem to think it is. There just may be some hidden incentive to maintain that corner somehow to prevent the alleviation of traffic congestion that this area experiences every weekday during rush hours. We got a lot of heat when we did articles in the past about this site. We now have a really good reason why that was.

  Our crystal ball tells us what to expect for the future of the Edgehill Texaco service station and that crystal ball does not see a long term place for the site in question. Short term yes, but not long term?  No way!  It would be nice to have an old fashioned gas station, but what purpose would it really serve? You have to ask some strange questions sometimes in order to figure out what the real intent may just be.  Stay tuned, we have a lot of surprises coming.
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