Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gerald Celente - ABC Australia with Ian Henschke

Profile of Adam Smith
Profile of Adam Smith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ian speaks to Gerald about the Global Wake up Call going around the globe.

Our Notes:  Unemployment for both the US and the entire world is dismal at best.  College educations are proving not to just be useless, but dangerous for it's debt issues.  

Wealth of Nations - Adam Smith from Chuck Thompson

Answers are simple.  We need to look back in history to get a better understanding of how to bring the economy back.  There are plans that work and have worked.  It's one thing to complain, it's another when you can show answers.  There are corporate powers that just do not like competition.  Knock out competition and control the masses and we see the end results unfolding before us.  This is what Thomas Jefferson warned about.  We can only lead people to the answers, not make you take them up.
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