Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Katy Perry 'Dark Horse' Video & Why Muslims Want It Banned

Katy Perry Boobs SNL
Katy Perry Boobs SNL (Photo credits: Giphy)

"An online petition launched on Tuesday by Muslims around the world demands that Katy Perry's music video for "Dark Horse," in which a 'God' pendant is seen being burned, be removed from Youtube.

At 1:15 into the video, a man is shown wearing two pendants, one of which says God in Arabic. Perry, who plays a queen-like figure in the video, zaps the man with lightening and he disintegrates into sand; his pendant disappearing with him.

Petitioners argue that the pop diva is meant to symbolize the opposition of God, making the video blasphemous.

The video, which has a cartoonish Ancient Egypt theme, features other nonsensical aspects such as cat-human hybrid as body guards with whom Perry pole dances with, a dog which walks on its hind legs, and Perry eating spicy junk food."* The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian break it down.

The entire video is loaded with secret society symbols and we can see even before you play it, the all seeing eye.  It's designed to be offensive on many levels.  Having anyone wanting to ban this video is giving the video tremendous upshot views.  The song is average at it's best.  The visuals beyond the secret society symbols are again, average at best.  The arguments coming in from all over the world are skyrocketing more division.  Looks like their plan is working better than they ever could have hoped for.
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