Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gloucester, VA Real Estate Investment Zone

The above picture has the Heart of Gloucester outlined which is the new hot bed area or zone for Gloucester development.  What we have done is highlighted the area that is of the highest level of importance for future real estate investments.  It's all in the area along route 17.  You want to figure the hottest investment zones along 17 are where the new Page Middle school is going up to the Short Lane road is.  Anything on either side of the road with decent amount of space is of the highest priority for investment.  Just below or above the highlighted area is also within a pretty decent area for having and or holding investments.

  If you presently own real estate in this zoned area, it is probably worth much more than you think and you may be getting approached to think about selling it if you have not already.  Do not get lowballed here.  There are plans well in the works for this area and we will be going over these plans in the upcoming months.

  We do not have any inside sources or we would be breaking the law right now.  We have just been able to put together all of this information based on paying attention to what the Board of Supervisors, School Board and certain concerns in the county have been telling us all.  You really should pay close attention, they are not hiding any of this.  They are just not putting it into black and white for you.

  Investment groups are also a good idea.  If anyone wants help starting one, let us know.  We know exactly what and where to buy based on our research and paying attention to what is going on.
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