Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Washington Hemp Passes Senate Hurdle

English: Leaf of Cannabis עברית: עלה של קנביס
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Washington State has voted to nullify the Federal ban on hemp, by passing bill HB 1888 in the state senate unanimously. With marijuana already legalized for recreational use, this step goes further for legalizing and licensing industrial hemp use in the state. We discuss the implications of the bill in this Buzzsaw news clip.

Colorado, Washington, California, New York all have laws on the books saying that recreational pot is cool with them and not a violation of law.  How long before you think it hits here in Virginia?  Maybe then we will see the only drug busts being made are coming from the mom and pop stores selling the synthetic versions.  Oh wait, that is all we are seeing isn't it?  Oh look, South Carolina is now legalizing dope.  See bottom storylines.  Oh wait, now there is also West Virginia and Indiana.  Oh wait, add Tennessee too.  No reason to get upset about gay marriages, just smoke a joint and get over it?
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