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Interview: Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock with Bill Windsor of Lawless America

Harmony Corruption
Harmony Corruption (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is unedited video filmed for Lawless America...The Movie. The comments are those of the subject.

Lawless America is a documentary film that is exposing government corruption, judicial corruption, and law enforcement corruption. For more information, see

Ever get a bad shack in the courts?  Ever think you just had bad luck?  You may want to see this video.  Lawless America blows the lid off the court systems and the corruption that exists throughout the nation.  It's not just here.  It's everywhere.  It not just at the local or regional level, it's all the way up to the very top of the Federal level.  This is only one of many wake up calls to what is going on in our nation.  You have to give Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock for her courage and hard work speaking out against corruption and exposing what we all sensed but not many put together.

  After viewing a video like this, you have to wonder why last year local judges were asking for a special security parking garage for themselves?  Maybe they were making some very bad decisions that they knew were hurting people and had nothing to do with law or justice?  Afraid of what those they just destroyed might come and do to them after court?  

  Yes folks, the system is broken and is not getting better anytime soon.

The above video is how to disqualify your judge.  What you may also want to consider is the top video, the Judge points out that a number of judges are on the bench without a license to practice, which is illegal.  Check on the judges credentials before you go to court.  This video uses mostly covers California law.  The information in here may or may not apply and you need to do some research before considering these types of moves.

  Now we are not lawyers or attorneys and are not trying to render any form of legal advice.

Now this video is just entertaining.  Whether or not anyone can actually use the above information successfully remains at question.  We have seen this in various forms.  Until we see actual cases won under this, then again, as stated, it's entertaining.

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