Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How A 9 Volt Battery Can Potentially Save Your Life By Charging Your Phone

English: A Durcell 9-Volt battery.
English: A Durcell 9-Volt battery. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes you run across some interesting and clever tricks.  The above video is one of those times.  By the crazy Russian Hacker, this guy shows you how to recharge your cell phone with a 9 volt battery with a car charger and a key.  It's a very simple trick and very sound.  So if you get stuck out in the middle of nowhere, your car battery is dead and your cell phone about to die, this is a great little trick that could potentially save you.

  So next time you are in a store, you might want to consider buying one or two of these to keep in the glove box as a potential emergency backup.  Now if they could only make an app for recharging your car battery with your cell phone.  (Yeah we know it won't work, but someone should still make an app for it anyway.  After all, they have a solar recharging app that isn't real but looks good.)

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