Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nasa Rocket Explodes During Launch In Virginia, Video

Wallops Island
Wallops Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WALLOPS ISLAND, VA,  The unmanned rocket originally scheduled to launch last night was scrapped due to a vessel in the waters near the island that would not move.  The mission rescheduled for tonight at 6:22 PM resulted in a complete disaster.

The Antares rocket was carrying a Cygnus cargo capsule, loaded with 5,000 pounds of gear for the six people living on the International Space Station. It was initially scheduled to launch Monday, and Orbital Sciences Corp. got within the 10-minute mark for liftoff, but a sailboat ended up in the restricted danger zone, and controllers halted the evening countdown.

Wavy TV 10 has great coverage on this issue.  

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