Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gloucester, Virginia FEMA Land Sustainability Programs Defined

If you are wondering what is really behind Gloucester's involvement with the FEMA sustainability programs, the above video can help with many of your questions.  Problem is, it also answers a lot of questions we are seeing in Gloucester, Virginia government including the school board.  This is a must see video for anyone who keeps scratching their heads when they watch the Board of supervisors meetings or the School Board meetings.  Now you will have a much better understanding.

Sustainable America, Advancing Prosperity, Opportunity, And A Healthy Environment from Chuck Thompson

This is one of the books the speaker in the above video talks about.  We have one of the others but it's in 19 parts and have to be uploaded in those 19 parts.  This is going to take time but it will be worth it based on the information the book contains.  It shows that we are in the middle of exactly what she is speaking of.

So is agenda 21 real?  Dig through the evidence and determine for yourself.

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