Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Opinion: Real Threat From Ebola Is Main Stream Media Propaganda

Stuffed ebola
Stuffed ebola (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone remember the Avian Flu Pandemic that was going to kill millions of people all across the globe that NEVER happened?  All the media hype to scare everyone?  Anyone seeing similar actions in the media now?  Are we once again being setup?  Is everyone scared to death that a Pandemic Is Coming from Ebola?  What will the next pandemic be?  If the Ebola scare does not work, there will be another scare next year or the year after that.

Is the main stream media just using scare tactics to get you to give up more of your personal freedoms?  The news is insane with Ebola and ISIS news which we just do not buy either one of them.  No evidence has been presented.  Only opinions are presented as news.  Now that is our opinion, and we are still waiting for the so called news sources to actually show real evidence of these scare tactics.

  Ebola is the new Black Plague?  Millions to Billions of people will be wiped out within weeks.  During the black plague, people protected themselves from the black plague by stringing garlic around their necks and soaking cloths in garlic water and breathing through those cloths.  It worked.  We are not sayig garlic will work against Ebola.  What we are saying is that the best protection against the threat of Ebola is to ignore the main stream media who are feeding you nothing more than FEAR!  SPREAD THE FEAR!

  Don't buy into their madness.


The above video has more danger to the public than anything else including Ebola.  Buy the toy Ebola at the top of this story and spread the fun instead.

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