Saturday, October 25, 2014

Help Fight Against Illegal Gloucester, Virginia Ordinances

Help fight against Gloucester, Virginia illegal ordinances.  Attend the next Gloucester, Board of Supervisors meeting being held, November 5th, 2014 at the Colonial Courthouse, Courthouse Circle starting at 7:00 PM.  Up for discussion are Animal Control Ordinances and some are downright illegal.  With the stroke of a pen, you could become a criminal overnight.

  One of the biggest issues coming up that will violate everyone's rights is ordinance 3-18.  And it looks like the Board of Supervisors want to continue this illegal ordinance in violation of state codes, the Dillon Rule, Federal Laws and the 4th Amendment of the Bill of Rights, a part of the US Constitution.


Gloucester, VA Animal Control Ordinance Review Flyer from Chuck Thompson

The specific ordinance we are talking about is in the container above.  What it means to everyone is that you will NOT be able to transport an animal in any form of vehicle without the benefit of air conditioning when temperatures near 80 degrees and or go higher.  That means horse trailers, animal trailers, the back of pick-up trucks and more.  If these do not have air conditioning, you may be found in violation of this insane local ordinance that has no counterpart in state code as required by state law.  Plus, you are subject to having your vehicle broken into and personal property removed without any warrants needing to be issued.

  It's theft.  Plus, not only can they charge you for the violations, they also will charge you for vet bills and storage and care of your animal(s).  And you have no recourse for the damage they do to your property.  To go even further, you get a criminal record.  How is that going to help your career?  Costs could easily reach thousands of dollars to you.  Do you have that extra money to spare?

  What county officials are doing is down right criminal.  But they are saying you are the criminal.  How does that work?

  We are "NOT" against the safety of any animal, however, we are against violations to our rights, state codes, federal laws and the Bill of Rights to our US Constitution.   It's time to stand up for our rights and NOT allow county officials to get away with this.  What can you do?

  Print the form flyer above and distribute it everywhere throughout the county.  Send it to everyone you know who owns an animal.  Email the above PDF to everyone you know.  Attend the BoS meeting as listed above and speak out.  It's time to stop the corruption and the insanity.  Tweet this story, Post it on Facebook, Google Plus this story, post it on LinkedIn and other social networks.  Spread the word everywhere.  Together we can stop this.

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