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Morality Beyond Same Sex Marriage; Morality? It's Now Gone.

President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the 1964 Civ...
President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the 1964 Civil Rights Act as Martin Luther King, Jr., and others, look on. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Please note; the following arguments we are about to present do not reflect our actual positions on the subject.

With same sex marriage now being thrown upon many within various states throughout the United States questions of what is moral and of civil liberty or civil rights now come into full question.  That question being what exactly are civil rights?  The claim for allowing same sex marriage is based on civil rights.  Now that these arguments have been winning so much ground, it's time to seriously explore civil rights and start asking a lot of questions and even demanding further civil rights.

  Since these arguments are civil rights then one has to start arguing for further civil rights.  The civil rights of polygamy which is the ability to marry more than one person.  If a man wishes to marry more than one person, then under the liberty of civil rights, he should be allowed to.  If a woman wants more than one husband or wife, then she should have full legal rights and ability to do so.

  And what of the rights of those who practice beastiality?  Under the liberty of civil rights, if a man or woman wishes to marry an animal and practice whatever they wish with that animal under the liberties of civil rights, then they should be fully allowed and legal.  Under the liberty of civil rights then either a man or woman should be able to marry any person and or multiple animals and live in whatever manner they so wish practicing whatever desires they wish.

  Further under the liberty of civil rights, if a man or woman wishes to marry a minor of any age, that person should be allowed to.  If a man wishes to marry a 7 year old boy, what right does anyone have to block the civil rights of that man?  Where can morality be reasonably be argued?  Morality has become strictly subjective now.  Not later on down the road but right now.  

  Prostitution needs to be legalized now as does every form of gambling.  All drugs need to be fully legalized as who is anyone to determine the morality of anyone who wishes to use them?  Abortion equally is a a civil right, not a question of morality.

  Same sex marriage has never been about rights, it's about breaking the backbone of Christianity and the questions of a moral society.  Now that it has been broken, one can no longer block any of these other arguments on a sound foundation.  There are groups now working on infiltrating Christian churches in an effort to demand that same sex marriages are recognized and not blocked, which is the full destruction of the Christian church.

  And how will they win this battle?  Through the tax structure for one.  In other ways, laws will be enacted against ministers in a way where ministers can be arrested and convicted of crimes for not recognizing same sex marriages.  And again, I argue, that the rest of the above arguments are just as valid.  Why not have 8 men marry each other creating a new definition of marriage?

  Property rights laws will become one of the biggest headaches ever seen once polygamy becomes law.  But why stop there?  The rights to contract slavery should also be recognized.  If a person wishes to sell themselves into slavery, under the liberties of civil rights and equally under contractual laws, why should this not be allowed?  Who is to define the morality against such?  The doors are now fully open to all of these matters and the battles are now about to begin.  We have already seen battles beginning for the full legalization of prostitution.  Gambling has been making slow inroads for decades, now it will go onto the fast track.

  Why not gamble your life?  If you lose, you become a slave or a prostitute, for x amount of time or for life based on the contract you gamble for?  Sounds rather tempting does it not?  Who is to say that these issues are wrong now?  What rights do judges have to hear any case?  Anarchism has become the law based on recent forced decisions on "WE THE PEOPLE" who did NOT authorize these decisions.  Who cares what your opinion is on these issues as everyone has to ask why your opinion should even count as your opinion violates the civil rights of others who have different opinions.  When society spoke, the vast majority of people voted against same sex marriages.  The politicians stole the rights of the people and in our opinion, (which now does not count as it violates someone's civil rights to their own opinions), forced immoral, indecent, anti Christian principals on us all against the will of the people.

  The United States, once the flame of liberty and freedom, has become an international joke of black smoke and dust in this modern day.  No longer a leader of freedom but instead a leader of tyranny against the people.  There is no longer any right to argue rights as anyone should now be free to argue against those rights that are no longer rights but instead civil liberty rights add infinity add nausea.  

  What the future should hold?  Super centers where one can go in, marry the first prostitute that makes them feel good, gamble with their lives risking slavery while taking an insane amount of drugs and if pregnancy becomes an issue later on down the road, an abortion clinic right there under that same roof.  Shows for entertainment featuring some of the most bizarre forms of beastiality with an option to marry the animal going to the highest bidder.  Take your children but if one of them gets married while there, you do not have the option of bringing them back home or defending your child against that option.

  The door is now open to such a future society.  Are you ready for it?  How can you now argue against it?

Again, these are not our positions, just the handwriting on the walls that we see.

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