Friday, October 24, 2014

Gloucester, Virginia Board of Supervisors Work Session Meeting, October, 2014

Gloucester, Virginia Board of Supervisors meeting, October, 2014.  This is the second meeting of the month and is a work session meeting.

  The first guy up demands socialistic solutions to animal problems.  He expects government to solve everything.  He must think we are in Russia.  He completely ignores other animals such as raccoon's, squirrels and more as causing the same issues as cats.  It's NOT the government's place to solve everyone's problems.  This is the issue we suffer from today.  Everyone thinks it's the government's job to solve every problem and at the same time do NOT want higher taxes they just caused by their own expectations?  Really?  Who are you kidding?

  There are some decent suggestions that are made regarding what to do about the feral cat problems in Gloucester, but by the time you get to this in the video above, the entire board seems to forget about those suggestions.  It's a civil matter as there are no state codes covering such issues.  If you want state codes to cover these issues, then you have to get it done at the state level and realize it will cost everyone more money in taxes and take away more freedoms.

  We still need to go through the rest of the video to see what other issues exist as we are not at all pleased with the continuation of the FEMA mitigation crap that is costing everyone a fortune.  Agenda 21?  Looks like it.

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