Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Steve Baranek, Gloucester, VA Animal Control Admits To Illegal County Ordinance

You have to watch this video.  In here above, Steve Baranek, chief Animal Control officer for Gloucester County, admits to local ordinance, 3-16, is not mirrored from state code.  According to the Dillon Rule, that is illegal.  Here you see county officials blatantly violating the laws of the state.

  The above video is downright idiotic.  Feral cats are feral and have no owners unless someone is taking care of them, then whomever is taking care of them is the owner, like it or not.  Cats defecating is no different than birds defecating.  Sue the Governor.  It's his property.  There is no violation due to defecation.  3-16 is an illegal ordinance.

Again you have to watch this video.  It is beyond idiotic.  Ashley Chriscoe argues for more illegal laws continuing his march towards an extreme socialist  fascist ideology government concepts  that may be due to his association with the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust.

  There are arguments to put cats on leashes.  How hysterical.

Let's look at some facts.  At certain times of the year, birds migrate to certain types of trees that produce a certain type of berry that the birds love.  Very large flocks of birds circle these trees for hours once these berries are ripe and they eat them.  The birds then circle for hours defecating all over everything within a short radius of where these trees are located.  The mess is unreal.  Can we get animal control to come and trap all of these birds for being a nuisance?  Charge the Governor because they are essentially his birds?

  Mr Bazanni, you can not create local ordinances where there are no state codes to support them.  If you could, then government would run rampant all over the place, which it already does and which "WE THE PEOPLE", have been fighting against for some time and will continue to fight.  WE DO NOT WANT MORE GOVERNMENT INTRUSIONS IN OUR LIVES!

     We will not tolerate a totalitarian government which is what you all seem to be leaning towards.

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