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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Violet's Rant: Merle T Rutledge: Turning Virginia Back to Red

What a great day yesterday! Yep, while you all were sitting around watching Ms.Elise Stefanik make Adam Schiff look like the spectacle that he is, I had the opportunity to meet our next Governor of Virginia! That's right! I was blessed with the opportunity to sit down and get to know a gentleman I can call my new friend!
What started out as a short interview, lasted for hours over coffee and there was never a dull moment. I felt comfortable and never felt  afraid to ask questions.
Mr. Rutledge who graduated from Norfolk State University with studies in Local Science and Pre-law, will readily tell you he that he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He's worked hard and attributes his successes in life to God first. A professed Christian who has no problem admitting he falls short but his faith is unwavering.
He currently serves as President of the National Coalition Against Government and describes one of his second of three accomplishments as his high ratio in representing the people against insurance companies. Certainly something we like hearing, someone who will help us fight that fight! And one thing that really sits with me still is how he said he'd like to make our military, police officers and first responders have tax exempt homes and cars. "It's the least we can do for them."
Well, we hadn't been sitting down long when I noticed a gentleman wearing a Trump T-Shirt covered only by a neon green vest. Yea, you know me, I couldn't help myself but I had to stop him and introduce him to Virginia's next Governor! The gentleman whose name was Glen, seemed somewhat skeptical at first but within no time at all, I watched as these two men became engrossed in a conversation on child discipline, abuse of welfare and the rising costs of insurance. He seemed to be able to easily share his concerns with Mr. Rutledge and it was enlightening see how Mr. Rutledge was able to bring down the barriers and have Glen talking so freely...., discussing concerns many Virginians have today. 
It seems somewhere along the way, that expensive inquisition going on down in the basement at our White House has forgotten the people. How refreshing to have someone talking about what's important to us! Yet, that however was not all I observed yesterday while I was talking to him. When I  asked what made him the right man for the job. His first response was. "I am not afraid." Referring to the way Republicans are so frequently attacked by Democrats when they step up to run against them. "Republican's have become too complacent and I am not one to back down. If they have a problem with me then let's bring it to a debate." For this I had no doubt he'd do well since his strong stance displayed his character, not only through his answers but how, without hesitation he'd answer me with a genuine concern for Virginians. Yes, he's already thought about these things people! He has thought about them because he says he has seen and experienced them first hand. He is not afraid to mention that he started out as a Democrat, then found himself becoming an independent and now, proudly proclaims to be a Republican, who is strongly against Anti gun laws. "I will never prevent a man from being able to protect his family." And regarding his views on Socialism, his response is "I do not believe it has any place in a free society." I even felt comfortable enough to touch base on the destruction of  historical monuments taking place in parts of our state. " It is all the history of our Country and should not be removed. I always ask people 'Why do you want to take away from my children's field trips'?" He says with a smile. It's apparent he wants our citizens to understand how America was built.
We touched on various other subjects like,  schools and education . He believes teachers should be required to teach and not have the teachers opinions embedded in our children's heads. Even supporting the possibility of camera's in the classroom. Which is, if you ask no different than asking our officers to wear them for validation. "I think taking sex ed out of schools and replacing it with pro- life courses to assist in understanding the value of life is something I'd like see happen. We don't need to be confusing our children with their sexuality, that's something they should find out for themselves. Furthermore, "We are not the bathroom police." He goes on to mention that he believes parents should be held accountable for their children's behavior,(i.e., bullying, school attendance, etc)" Which puts the responsibility back on the parents where it is supposed to be. MY first thought is....., that ought to get parents involved, wouldn't you think?
We touched so many different bases, like legalizing marijuana which would assist in helping people who have certain mental illnesses and help control pain, which might steer people away from using opioids. and directing those funds to the homeless which would offer temporary housing while they learn a trade for farmers who have been suffering too long that it would be unfair for you to expect this article to tell you all that you need to know.
When I asked what his approach was for funding his campaign, his response was. What I'd like to see is the endorsement of the people. Signatures to back me up, they can donate if they wish, they can donate a penny, makes no difference to me. I seek their support and they can e-mail me at or my personal phone at 757-275-5392. They can call and ask me anything. I'd be happy to answer."
With that being said, you have the means to know more and I encourage you to reach out to him, ask questions and support our next Governor of Virginia!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Governor McAuliffe Declares September as Preparedness Month in Virginia

RICHMOND – Governor Terry McAuliffe has proclaimed September as National Preparedness Month in Virginia and he encourages business owners, families and communities to be ready for emergencies. 

“September has historically been the most active time of the year for hurricanes in Virginia,” Governor McAuliffe said. “Whether it’s a natural disaster like a hurricane or a human-caused emergency like terrorism, individuals, families and businesses that take the time to prepare are more resilient in the long run than those who failed to plan.”

Everyone can prepare for all emergencies, including hurricanes, by taking these steps:

  • Sign up for text alerts/weather warnings that may be offered by your locality. 
  • Have basic supplies on hand to last at least three days for each family member.
    • Food that won’t spoil, such as canned and packaged foods
    • Water, one gallon per person per day
    • A working battery-operated radio and extra batteries
    • Flashlights with extra batteries
    • First aid kit
    • A written list of your prescriptions and prescribing doctor(s) and at least a week’s supply of medications
    • Food and water for your pets
  • Create a family emergency communications plan. 
    • Decide how and where everyone will meet up with each other if separated
    • Choose an out-of-town emergency contact for your family and give that person’s phone number to each family member
    • Make a sheet of emergency contacts and post it in visible places in your home and workplace.  Don’t rely on your smart phone or online contact lists.
    • Get a free emergency plan worksheet and emergency contact cards or or use the new Ready Virginia app.

People with disabilities or access and functional needs may need to take additional steps. Plan how to handle power outages and/or being asked to evacuate. For more information, visit

The third National Day of Action on Sept. 30, known as America’s PrepareAthon! Day, is a nationwide, community-based campaign for action to increase emergency preparedness and resilience through hazard-specific drills, group discussions and exercises. To sign up for America’s PrepareAthon! go to register how you will take action to prepare in September.

(Just a quick question:  How does a governor of a state declare a National Preparedness Month?  Just asking.) 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Governor McAuliffe Announces Restoration of Rights for Over 10,000 People

RICHMOND – Today, Governor Terry McAuliffe announced that his administration restored the voting and civil rights of 10,009 individuals. The McAuliffe administration has restored the rights of more Virginians than any other Governor in a four year term.

“I am so proud of the work my team has done processing more than 10,000 of these important requests, and also making key changes to the process to make it more fair and accessible to Virginians,” said Governor McAuliffe. “Restoring the rights of Virginians who have made a mistake and paid the price is one of my Administration’s top priorities and I look forward to continuing to make history on this critical issue.”

Since the beginning of Governor McAuliffe’s term, he has implemented key changes to the restoration of rights process. First, he removed the requirement to pay court fees before submitting a restoration of rights application. Although individuals still have to pay the fees at a later time, it is no longer a barrier in the application process. Second, serious offenders are now required to wait three years instead of five years to apply. Third, the application is now one page long - down from 13 pages. Fourth, criminal records will have a restoration of rights notation once an individual has been restored. Fifth, all drug convictions are now classified as non-violent offenses.

“It is an honor to work with Governor McAuliffe and our talented team to help more Virginians who have made a mistake get a second chance at meaningful and productive lives,” said Secretary of the Commonwealth Levar Stoney. “Going forward we will continue to process as many applications as we can and  encourage the Virginians whose rights we restore to use them to the fullest by registering to vote and participating in the democratic process.” (Here is where we have issues with the information coming out of Richmond: Democratic process?  Sorry, we are a republic, not a socialist democracy but that is what the folks in Richmond are driving in here.  Full blown socialist and communist ideologies.)

If you or someone you know has been convicted of a felony and served their time, restoration of rights might be available. For more information, call 804-692-0104 or visit

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Governor McAuliffe Announces Virginia Receives $5.4 million in Community Planning Assistance Funds

~ Funds to support programs assisting Virginia’s defense-related businesses in diversifying to international and domestic non-defense-related markets ~

RICHMOND – Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today that Virginia has been awarded $5.4 million in federal Community Planning Assistance Funds from the Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment.  This grant will be used to assist communities, businesses and employees in defense-related areas respond to the impacts of defense reductions.  Additionally, the grant will provide funding to expand entrepreneurship opportunities for defense-related employees and businesses, and to support displaced defense contractors seek other employment opportunities.

Speaking about today’s announcement, Governor McAuliffe said, “Virginia has taken the lead in identifying businesses potentially impacted by the recent defense reductions and worked with state, community, and business leaders to develop meaningful programs to address the issues.  In order to build a new Virginia economy, we must create an environment where businesses can thrive even in the face of federal cuts. With these funds, Virginia will provide direct support to companies as they transition to alternative markets.” 

“This is an excellent opportunity to help our communities that have been impacted by defense reductions,” said Secretary of Commerce and Trade Maurice Jones.  “We are working directly with companies and individuals to generate new business opportunities to help them grow and prosper.” 

“This is the seventh consecutive year the Commonwealth has been awarded a grant from the Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment,” said Secretary of Veterans & Defense Affairs, John C. Harvey.  “These grants have supported the Commonwealth in planning and mitigating the impacts of the defense budget reductions over the past several years.” 

Virginia consistently ranks among the top states in defense spending.  According to an Office of Economic Adjustment report, Defense Spending by State Fiscal Year 2013, Virginia was ranked first at $58.8 billion.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Governor McAuliffe Announces Administration Appointments

RICHMOND – Governor Terry McAuliffe announced additional appointments to his administration today. The appointees will join McAuliffe’s administration focused on finding common ground with members of both parties on issues that will build a new Virginia economy and create more jobs across the Commonwealth.

Secretariat of the Commonwealth
Board Appointments

Board of Corrections

  • Shelley S. Butler Barlow* of Suffolk, Owner/Operator, Cotton Plains Farm
  • Jon L. Black of Charles City, Partner, John W. Black & Sons and Owner/Operator, Jon L. Black Farm
  • T. Steele Byrum of Zuni, Owner/Operator, T. Steele Byrum & Family Farms, LLC
  • Joey G. Doyle* of Emporia, Owner and Operator, Doyle & Doyle Farms
  • Randy Everett of Stony Creek, Owner/President, Old Hickory Farms, Inc.
  • Michael E. Grizzard* of Capron, Owner, Michael E. Grizzard, Inc.
  • David L. Long of Cape Charles, Owner, Long Grain & Livestock
  • Paul W. Rogers, III of Wakefield, Partner, Rogers Farms

Governor’s Task Force on Prescription Drug and Heroin Abuse

  • The Honorable Anthony W. Roper of Boyce, Sheriff, Clarke County

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

  • The Honorable C. Charles Caputo of Herndon, Retired, Former Member of Virginia House of Delegates
  • Bruce A. Gates* of Alexandria, Senior Vice President, External Affairs, Altria Client Services, Inc.
  • The Honorable Katherine K. Hanley of Reston, Retired, Former Chair of Fairfax County Board of Supervisors; Former Secretary of the Commonwealth

Sheep Industry Board

  • William R. Baker* of Leesburg, Owner and Operator, Asbury Farm
  • Cecil W. King* of Pulaski, President and Manager, King Ag Products, Inc. and Owner, Colonial Farms
  • J. Lawson Roberts, Jr. of Amelia, Manager, Southside Livestock Market
  • Pete Martens, III of Dayton, Sheep Producer, Blue Spruce Farms and retired Extension Agent

*denotes reappointment

(We need all the help we can get because it's hard to figure out how to screw the taxpayers on our own.  Board appointments help us to improve ways to take more of your money and freedoms away at an alarming rate.  Thank you for your participation.)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Governor McAuliffe Announces 25 New Jobs in Madison County

Map of Virginia highlighting Madison County
Map of Virginia highlighting Madison County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
~PH International, LLC to invest $4.5 million to expand headquarters operation~

RICHMOND – Governor Terry McAuliffe announced that PH International, LLC, a manufacturer and distributor of home decor and garden products headquartered in Madison County, Virginia, will invest $4.5 million to consolidate operations of its subsidiary Plow and Hearth, LLC and sister company Viva Terra, LLC at its Madison County facility. The company will add 84,000 square feet and create 25 new jobs in the expansion, which will include adding warehouse storage for Plow and Hearth, as well as headquarters staff for Viva Terra.

Speaking about the announcement, Governor McAuliffe said, “Bringing new businesses into the Commonwealth and expanding existing businesses like PH International play a critical role in building a new Virginia economy that will enable the Commonwealth to remain competitive on a global scale. We are proud to have PH International on the impressive roster of companies that call Virginia home, and by growing their existing job base in an area that has been economically hard-hit, this project will help to build a solid foundation for economic success in Madison County and the greater region for years to come.”

“Growing our existing business is a key economic development strategy for the Commonwealth,”said Maurice Jones, Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade. “We are excited about PH International’s growth in Madison County and the creation of new jobs paying above the average prevailing wage for the region.”

What began as a small retail store in Madison, Virginia in 1980, PH International, LLC has become one of the largest employers in Madison County. The PH International portfolio now includes the flagship brand Plow & Hearth®, plus five other brands, including Wind & Weather®, HearthSong®, Magic Cabin®, Problem Solvers®, and Reuseit®. The Plow & Hearth brand also has 24 retail locations located throughout the Mid-Atlantic, ranging from North Carolina up to New Jersey and Pennsylvania. PH International, LLC was purchased in 2010 by the owners of Evergreen Enterprises, based out of Richmond, Virginia. The company’s owners, Ting Xu and Frank Qiu, came to the U.S. from China when they were in college, made Virginia their home, and started Evergreen in 1993 when Ting and her mother began making and selling garden flags at the Virginia State Fair.  Combined, Plow and Hearth, Evergreen Enterprises, and recently acquired VivaTerra (eco-friendly home d├ęcor catalog and online brand) now represent a global wholesale and retail enterprise. 
 “Central Virginia is the perfect place to expand our business, accommodate our rapid growth from the past few years, and absorb recently acquired and future brands,” stated Ting Xu, CEO of PH International. “In Madison, we have access to a talented, dedicated workforce, beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and we have long-standing, strong ties to the community."

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership worked with Madison County to secure the project for Virginia. Governor McAuliffe approved a $100,000 grant from the Governor’s Opportunity Fund to assist Madison County with the project. Additional funding and services to support the company’s employee training activities will be provided through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program.

“The Madison County Board of Supervisors is most pleased with Plow and Hearth’s decision to expand its facility in Madison County,” said Doris Lackey, Chair of the Madison County Board of Supervisors. “We have long enjoyed a beneficial and productive relationship with this firm, from its inception more than 34 years ago to its place in our community today.

Plow and Hearth has been a great partner and contributor to the community and has an excellent and successful business model. Madison County looks forward to many years of a mutually beneficial and productive relationship with Plow and Hearth.”

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Virginia Ken Cuccinelli's Conflict of Interest Concerns

Ken Cuccinelli (R)
Ken Cuccinelli (R) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli is responsible for providing advice to the state Board of Elections on legal issues relating to campaigns and elections — including his own campaign for governor.

That means he's responsible for issuing legal opinions about the implementation of voting and election laws, and will be the Board's go-to lawyer if there are any problems or irregularities on Election Day!

If Ken Cuccinelli wants to resolve this stunning conflict of interest, he should recuse himself and his office from election matters immediately.

Ken Cuccinelli isn't the first Attorney General to run for governor of Virginia. But he did break a long-standing bipartisan tradition by flat out refusing to step down during the campaign.

In recent history, former attorneys generals have resigned because of the time commitments of a gubernatorial campaign (when Governor McDonnell stepped aside, he said a campaign "preclude[s] you from working full-time as attorney general") and because of the inevitable conflicts of interest that arise for any attorney general who is also a candidate for governor.

Earlier this month, the Daily Press Editorial Board called on Cuccinelli to step aside, explaining, "if a Democratic campaign needs clarification on a legal matter, it must seek guidance from an office headed by the Republican candidate for governor. And if questions arise for the GOP, the attorney general's office cannot be expected to give counsel to a ticket headed by its own boss."

From the Terry McAuliffe camp.  Sent via email to us.  It's about time that his staff actually sent something worth looking at and reporting and even better yet, without asking for money as well.  And this time we have to admit, it looks like he's right.  There is a very real potential for a conflict of interest here that is not in the least bit fair.  Now we will not try and pretend that we like McAuliffe, we don't.  But this is inexcusable by the Cuccinelli Camp and of very serious concern.  Cuccinelli either needs to step down from his position as Attorney General or leave the race.  

A very black eye for the Cuccinelli camp.

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