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Monday, December 16, 2013

Gloucester, VA Officials Continue To Ignore The Will of The People

Right in this weeks Gloucester Mathews - Gazette Journal newspaper, Thursday December 12th, 2013, page 9A at the top left hand side is an article titles as follows; "County Asks Legislators For Ability To Compel Residents To Tie Into Utilities".  County officials are seeking state legislators, Keith Hodges, Delegate and Tommy Normant, Senator, to consider putting forth legislation to force Gloucester County residents to pay for services it neither wants nor wants to hook up into.

  A water and sewer system that the county sued the citizens over to have built and put into place to begin with.  The county is asking the state to legalize theft from the citizens in our view.  County officials claim it is for the support and viability of that system and would serve to protect public health and safety.

  Could someone please explain to us how forcing citizens to pay for a service they neither need nor want and still will not be using but still forced to pay for is protecting public health and safety?  Is this new math or something?  Or are county officials just looking to take more money out of the pockets of it's citizens?  And who's pockets will all that extra money go into?  We think that is a very fair question.

  Have county officials forgotten that government is at the will of the people?  How can these people even think about forcing it's citizens to pay for something they do not want or need?  Guess we have become the servants to the masters of the county?  One of the many last great acts of some of the criminals that have served on the board of supervisors?  What is the kickback for any of them if this is pushed through?

  Let's hope the new board members put a stop to this insanity and start getting rid of the enemy from within this county.
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gloucester, VA Early Board of Supervisors Results, Meyer, Bazzani and Winebarger, Keith Hodges Wins Delegate Race

Early results for who won the Board of Supervisors race are in and here are the results.  John Meyer won the At Large position for the county.  Mike Winebarger took the Petsworth district and Phil Bazzani took the York district.

  Congratulations gentlemen.  We see a very positive future for the county under the new leadership coming in.

  Keith Hodges maintained his seat on the house of delegates.  Congratulations to Mr Hodges.

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Gloucester, Virginia Officials Need A State Investigation

Gloucester County government vehicle number 231, at Hardee's today at 7:41 AM.  Once again, this is a school board vehicle.  This employee may have gotten the memo about using a county government vehicle for personal use is a violation of Virginia State code so you do not want to be caught at the drive through window at Hardee's?  Way around that?  Park the vehicle outside and walk in and have breakfast instead?  More time on the clock at taxpayer expenses?


All this the day before Gloucester officials are going to tell you that they have to have 17 million for a new school that the county must have while renovating another school down the street they closed because they said it is not needed.  We can not see any reason to believe them.  How many times to we need to keep showing this over and over with all new employees and all new vehicles.  It's non stop.  In the picture above, you can actually see the Hardee's sign reflection in the vehicle.

  Maybe officials need to investigate if there is something so addictive in Hardee's food that county employees can not keep away from it.  What's even worse, these are school vehicles.  What is it saying about the quality of education?  Junk food is not a good choice day in and day out.  Another reason why American's are so fat?  Will a Hardee's be included in the new school that we simply do not need?  What message are Gloucester officials sending to everyone here in the county?  We do not care about the stinking state laws, we make our own?

We don't make the state laws or codes.  We are not even trying to interpret them.  We are showing them here though.  Beyond ridiculous.  Click on the icon in the bottom right hand corner to read the state codes better.  This will open the document into full screen.  

  Now we are sending this to county officials, as well as delegate Keith Hodges and several people at the local paper.  The question we have for the paper, we have been reporting on these abuses for weeks now and not one single reporter has bothered to check on the facts themselves.  We have a serious case of massive waste and abuse going on but it's not news?  Aunt Margaret planting bulbs is news?  It's tabloid fluff.   
Hardee's (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gloucester, VA To Get Illegal Middle School? Part 2

From what we showed in yesterday's part one post, it looks to us like we are in the midst of a real conspiracy.  In our view we have been able to show intent, implied contracts, what Virginia Code states and what the final intentions of Gloucester officials really are despite what the citizenry wants.  This is a link back to yesterday's story, part one, in case you may have missed it.

What we see is Gloucester officials going through the steps to try and keep everything looking legal and them telling everyone what they are doing is legal, but the evidence would seem to strongly suggest otherwise.  The selling of a bond has not even been approved yet to raise the money to construct a new school.  But Gloucester officials have already actively sought bids for the new construction.  According to Virginia state code, Gloucester officials can not place an order for work, even implied order which is what w see they have already done, without having the funds already in place.

  The Virginia codes are posted in part one of this story.  How many times have we shown on this site that Gloucester officials do not follow the rules?  How many times?

Oath of Office;

We gave everyone the tools to fight back from this holdup.  It's the Oath of Office that each government official must take before they are allowed to conduct even one piece of business.  If the Oath of Office is in violation, then each official can be held accountable for their actions outside of government protection.  That means any and all financial costs and responsibilities fall on each individual official and they must pay those costs and damages out of their own pockets and do not qualify for government protection in the courts.

This also means that all contracts are null and void and can not fall back on the citizens of Gloucester County, but instead fall on each Gloucester official involved.  In yesterday's post we linked one of Gloucester's own videos, a propaganda piece in our view, that shows that Gloucester officials are growing local government at a very alarming rate.  This of course means higher taxes for everyone to support this growth.  It also shows their own double speak.  Re constructing one school they said we do not need all the while building another one they say we need.

Every area of that says higher taxes for each Gloucester citizen and it also says you have no voice in your own government.  It states government by the people for the government and special interests and to hell with the people.

It's a violation of everything America stands for and is more of what America is becoming, but only if you let it.  Every fight is important when it's a fight for what American idealism truly stands for.

We have put the fight into a blue print form.  Now we know that the blue print form above is not one you would want to print out to use in a fight, so we have created a print version as well.

We have also created download links for both of these.  Link to the blue print version  Link to the print version of the blue print.

Now we are not attorney's and none of this should be considered legal advice, only a competent attorney can legally advice you on these matters.  We are simply presenting our own research and arguing against what we believe to be a conspiracy against the citizenry of Gloucester, Virginia.

What else can you do?  Show up at the public hearing on August 6th, 2013 at the Gloucester Courthouse and argue against the officials and their plans, armed with the right information.  You can also email all of the officials letting them know you are against this plan.

You can also write to our Delegate, Keith Hodges and ask him to look at all of this. 

All email links are active.

Holly B Smith is the Commonwealth Attorney for Gloucester, however, there is no available email link for her.

Kim Driscoll is one of the legal assistants for Holly B Smith, so you could always send Kim the complaint to be forwarded to Holly.

The future belongs to all of us.  What legacy will we leave our children?

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Gloucester, VA - Kudos To Delegate Keith Hodges

A special thank you to Delegate Keith Hodges, representative covering Gloucester County, Virginia.  Keith recently turned down backing Gloucester Counties legalize theft campaign in favor of the citizens of Gloucester.

  A great deal of information came out in the news over all of this.  Gloucester County Government sued it's own citizens to push through a system no one wanted back in 1988.  Now the county wants more money for a system people still do not want but the county could care less what the residents want.

It's like we already pointed out, the board of supervisors have been taken over and you are dealing with a secret masonic order that knows what you need and could care less what you want.

  It would make more sense to us if you are looking to argue saving the Chesapeake Bay, that more homes should have septic systems as opposed to a county sewer system.  Let's look at the logic behind all of this.  If you can call it logic on their part.  The county sewer system is piped over to Hampton Roads across the York river.  Eventually that pipe system is going to break down or break for one reason or another.  Storm destruction, hit by a tanker, whatever, something will knock it out.  Here is the problem.  When you combine the waste of multiple households, you increase the toxicity of the waste more than twice it's level for each household added.  Two households increase toxicity by a factor of at least 4 times.  10 households over 40 times.  The more you add, the more toxic the waste becomes.

  It's no different than chemistry class.  Add chemicals together and you get new chemicals.  New strains of bacteria and so much more.  When the pipeline does break, the massive amount of waste that dumps into the bay area will be tremendous.  The system backups that will flow back into people's houses will be massive.  When that happens, who is going to pay for the cleanup?  Gloucester County Government?  Don't count on it.  You will.  Based on a system you never wanted to begin with.

  With septic systems, you have containment.  Gloucester County only had 3 septic systems needing attention in 2012 and they see this as a problem?  The hourly bird droppings into the Bay cause more damage than 30 septic system failures would cause in a week.  So who are they kidding?  No one in Gloucester wanted the 22 million dollar debt note.  So it's a county problem.  Not a resident problem.  Just stop paying the note.  Default on the payments.  If our federal government can do it, so can our local government.

  Maybe the county could then file for a federal bailout? Maybe they can just hold a bake sale to raise the money.  Have a special Masonic fun day and charge parking fees.  Put parking meters on Main Street to raise money.  Stop giving tax breaks to big business and let them pay their own way like everyone else has to.

  Maybe we should hold a contest on how the county can raise money other than putting a gun to people's backs.  Or maybe they can actually put guns to people's backs as they shop through the Gloucester Main Street Village.  A sort of pay to play daily event.  Fun for the whole family.  They can even process your credit cards to cover the fees while holding you up.

  Enough of the poking fun and once again saying Thank You to Delegate Keith Hodges.  With actions like this, it looks like we have to keep you around.  Not a bad idea in our opinion.

Free MP3 download.  Out On The Road is the title track by Persson.  A really good Blues track.

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