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Gloucester, VA To Get Illegal Middle School? Part 2

From what we showed in yesterday's part one post, it looks to us like we are in the midst of a real conspiracy.  In our view we have been able to show intent, implied contracts, what Virginia Code states and what the final intentions of Gloucester officials really are despite what the citizenry wants.  This is a link back to yesterday's story, part one, in case you may have missed it.

What we see is Gloucester officials going through the steps to try and keep everything looking legal and them telling everyone what they are doing is legal, but the evidence would seem to strongly suggest otherwise.  The selling of a bond has not even been approved yet to raise the money to construct a new school.  But Gloucester officials have already actively sought bids for the new construction.  According to Virginia state code, Gloucester officials can not place an order for work, even implied order which is what w see they have already done, without having the funds already in place.

  The Virginia codes are posted in part one of this story.  How many times have we shown on this site that Gloucester officials do not follow the rules?  How many times?

Oath of Office;

We gave everyone the tools to fight back from this holdup.  It's the Oath of Office that each government official must take before they are allowed to conduct even one piece of business.  If the Oath of Office is in violation, then each official can be held accountable for their actions outside of government protection.  That means any and all financial costs and responsibilities fall on each individual official and they must pay those costs and damages out of their own pockets and do not qualify for government protection in the courts.

This also means that all contracts are null and void and can not fall back on the citizens of Gloucester County, but instead fall on each Gloucester official involved.  In yesterday's post we linked one of Gloucester's own videos, a propaganda piece in our view, that shows that Gloucester officials are growing local government at a very alarming rate.  This of course means higher taxes for everyone to support this growth.  It also shows their own double speak.  Re constructing one school they said we do not need all the while building another one they say we need.

Every area of that says higher taxes for each Gloucester citizen and it also says you have no voice in your own government.  It states government by the people for the government and special interests and to hell with the people.

It's a violation of everything America stands for and is more of what America is becoming, but only if you let it.  Every fight is important when it's a fight for what American idealism truly stands for.

We have put the fight into a blue print form.  Now we know that the blue print form above is not one you would want to print out to use in a fight, so we have created a print version as well.

We have also created download links for both of these.  Link to the blue print version  Link to the print version of the blue print.

Now we are not attorney's and none of this should be considered legal advice, only a competent attorney can legally advice you on these matters.  We are simply presenting our own research and arguing against what we believe to be a conspiracy against the citizenry of Gloucester, Virginia.

What else can you do?  Show up at the public hearing on August 6th, 2013 at the Gloucester Courthouse and argue against the officials and their plans, armed with the right information.  You can also email all of the officials letting them know you are against this plan.

You can also write to our Delegate, Keith Hodges and ask him to look at all of this. 

All email links are active.

Holly B Smith is the Commonwealth Attorney for Gloucester, however, there is no available email link for her.

Kim Driscoll is one of the legal assistants for Holly B Smith, so you could always send Kim the complaint to be forwarded to Holly.

The future belongs to all of us.  What legacy will we leave our children?

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