Monday, August 5, 2013

Gloucester, Virginia Officials Need A State Investigation

Gloucester County government vehicle number 231, at Hardee's today at 7:41 AM.  Once again, this is a school board vehicle.  This employee may have gotten the memo about using a county government vehicle for personal use is a violation of Virginia State code so you do not want to be caught at the drive through window at Hardee's?  Way around that?  Park the vehicle outside and walk in and have breakfast instead?  More time on the clock at taxpayer expenses?


All this the day before Gloucester officials are going to tell you that they have to have 17 million for a new school that the county must have while renovating another school down the street they closed because they said it is not needed.  We can not see any reason to believe them.  How many times to we need to keep showing this over and over with all new employees and all new vehicles.  It's non stop.  In the picture above, you can actually see the Hardee's sign reflection in the vehicle.

  Maybe officials need to investigate if there is something so addictive in Hardee's food that county employees can not keep away from it.  What's even worse, these are school vehicles.  What is it saying about the quality of education?  Junk food is not a good choice day in and day out.  Another reason why American's are so fat?  Will a Hardee's be included in the new school that we simply do not need?  What message are Gloucester officials sending to everyone here in the county?  We do not care about the stinking state laws, we make our own?

We don't make the state laws or codes.  We are not even trying to interpret them.  We are showing them here though.  Beyond ridiculous.  Click on the icon in the bottom right hand corner to read the state codes better.  This will open the document into full screen.  

  Now we are sending this to county officials, as well as delegate Keith Hodges and several people at the local paper.  The question we have for the paper, we have been reporting on these abuses for weeks now and not one single reporter has bothered to check on the facts themselves.  We have a serious case of massive waste and abuse going on but it's not news?  Aunt Margaret planting bulbs is news?  It's tabloid fluff.   
Hardee's (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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