Monday, December 16, 2013

Gloucester, VA Officials Continue To Ignore The Will of The People

Right in this weeks Gloucester Mathews - Gazette Journal newspaper, Thursday December 12th, 2013, page 9A at the top left hand side is an article titles as follows; "County Asks Legislators For Ability To Compel Residents To Tie Into Utilities".  County officials are seeking state legislators, Keith Hodges, Delegate and Tommy Normant, Senator, to consider putting forth legislation to force Gloucester County residents to pay for services it neither wants nor wants to hook up into.

  A water and sewer system that the county sued the citizens over to have built and put into place to begin with.  The county is asking the state to legalize theft from the citizens in our view.  County officials claim it is for the support and viability of that system and would serve to protect public health and safety.

  Could someone please explain to us how forcing citizens to pay for a service they neither need nor want and still will not be using but still forced to pay for is protecting public health and safety?  Is this new math or something?  Or are county officials just looking to take more money out of the pockets of it's citizens?  And who's pockets will all that extra money go into?  We think that is a very fair question.

  Have county officials forgotten that government is at the will of the people?  How can these people even think about forcing it's citizens to pay for something they do not want or need?  Guess we have become the servants to the masters of the county?  One of the many last great acts of some of the criminals that have served on the board of supervisors?  What is the kickback for any of them if this is pushed through?

  Let's hope the new board members put a stop to this insanity and start getting rid of the enemy from within this county.
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