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Slavery in Virginia and it's Religious Origins - E-Book

English: At Thomson above Augusta will be sold...
English: At Thomson above Augusta will be sold the following valuable negroes... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of the Negroeswith the Planting and Management of Indian Corn, Tobacco, &c. and of their Timber, Stock, Fruits, Provision, and Habitations, &c.

The Negroes live in small Cottages called Quarters, in about six in a Gang, under the Direction of an Overseer or Bailiff; who takes Care that they tend such Land as the Owner allots and orders, upon which they raise Hogs and Cattle, and plant Indian Corn (or Maize) and Tobacco for the Use of their Master; out of which the Overseer has a Dividend (or Share) in Proportion to the Number of Hands including himself; this with several Privileges is his Salary, and is an ample Recompence for his Pains, and[Pg 37] Encouragement of his industrious Care, as to the Labour, Health, and Provision of the Negroes.
The Negroes are very numerous, some Gentlemen having Hundreds of them of all Sorts, to whom they bring great Profit; for the Sake of which they are obliged to keep them well, and not over-work, starve, or famish them, besides other Inducements to favour them; which is done in a great Degree, to such especially that are laborious, careful, and honest; tho' indeed some Masters, careless of their own Interest or Reputation, are too cruel and negligent.
The Negroes are not only encreased by fresh Supplies from Africa and the West India Islands, but also are very prolifick among themselves; and they that are born there talk good English, and affect our Language, Habits, and Customs; and tho' they be naturally of a barbarous and cruel Temper, yet are they kept under by severe Discipline upon Occasion, and by good Laws are prevented from running away, injuring the English, or neglecting their Business.
Their Work (or Chimerical hard Slavery) is not very laborious; their greatest Hardship consisting in that they and their Posterity are not at their own Liberty or Disposal, but are the Property of their Owners; and when they are free, they know not how to provide so well for themselves generally; neither did they live so plentifully nor (many of them) so easily in their own Country, where they are made Slaves to one another, or taken Captive by their Enemies.
OUR NOTES:  The above comes from the book below and is just a partial section within the pages.  It gives an historical view that can no longer be taught in schools thanks to the ill conceived separation of church and state.  It shows the religious beliefs behind slavery and what is often called the cruel and inhumane treatment of the Native American or American Indian.

  It is not our own views and is only presented for it's historical value and to uncover real history and not revisionist history that has been forced on us all in part by the so called separation of church and state. Servitude has it's foundations in religion and has been a part of Judaism, Christianity, Muslim, and other tenants of religious beliefs.  Servitude and slavery are not one and the same issue.  That is where the arguments against slavery were fought on moral grounds.

The State of Virginia - 1712 to 1725 from Chuck Thompson

Free downloads are available on this e-book from our slideshare site.  You will have to log in with either a Facebook account or a LinkedIn account or just set up a free account.  To read the book online, please left click the icon at the bottom right hand side of the slideshare container.  To exit full screen mode, hit the escape key on your keyboard.

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