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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Painting entitled "Le marché aux esclaves...
Painting entitled "Le marché aux esclaves" (en: The Slave Market) Oil on canvasCategory:technique with mounted parameter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Henry C Carey:


Slavery still exists throughout a large portion of what we are accustomed to regard as the civilized world. In some countries, men are forced to take the chance of a lottery for the determination of the question whether they shall or shall not be transported to distant and unhealthy countries, there most probably to perish, leaving behind them impoverished mothers and sisters to lament their fate. In others, they are seized on the highway and sent to sea for long terms of years, while parents, wives, and sisters, who had been dependent on their exertions, are left to perish of starvation, or driven to vice or crime to procure the means of support. In a third class, men, their wives, and children, are driven from their homes to perish in the road, or to endure the slavery of dependence on public charity until pestilence shall Send them to their graves, and thus clear the way for a fresh supply of others like themselves. In a fourth, we see men driven to selling themselves for long periods at hard labour in distant countries, deprived of the society of parents, relatives, or friends. In a fifth, men, women, and children are exposed to sale, and wives are separated from husbands, while children are separated from parents. In some, white men, and, in others, black men, are subjected to the lash, and to other of the severest and most degrading punishments. In some places men are deemed valuable, and they are well fed and clothed. In others, man is regarded as "a drug" and population as "a nuisance;" and Christian men are warned that their duty to God and to society requires that they should permit their fellow-creatures to suffer every privation and distress, short of "absolute death," with a view to prevent the increase of numbers.
Among these various classes of slaves, none have recently attracted so much attention as those of the negro race; and it is in reference to that race in this country that the following paper has recently been circulated throughout England:—
"The affectionate and Christian Address of many thousands of the Women of England to their Sisters, the Women of the United States of America:
"A common origin, a common faith, and, we sincerely believe, a common cause, urge us at the present moment to address you on the subject of that system of negro slavery which still prevails so extensively, and, even under kindly-disposed masters, with such frightful results, in many of the vast regions of the Western World.

"We will not dwell on the ordinary topics—on the progress of civilization; on the advance of freedom everywhere; on the rights and requirements of the nineteenth century;—but we appeal to you very seriously to reflect, and to ask counsel of God, how far such a state of things is in accordance with His holy word, the inalienable rights of immortal souls, and the pure and merciful spirit of the Christian religion.

"We do not shut our eyes to the difficulties, nay, the dangers, that might beset the immediate abolition of that long-established system: we see and admit the necessity of preparation for so great an event. But, in speaking of indispensable preliminaries, we cannot be silent on those laws of your country which (in direct contravention of God's own law, instituted in the time of man's innocency) deny, in effect, to the slave, the sanctity of marriage, with all its joys, rights, and obligations; which separates, at the will of the master, the wife from the husband and the children from the parents. Nor can we be silent on that awful system which, either by statute or by custom, interdicts to any race of man, or any portion of the human family, education in the truths of the gospel and the ordinances of Christianity.

"A remedy applied to these two evils alone would commence the amelioration of their sad condition. We appeal, then, to you as sisters, as wives, and as mothers, to raise your voices to your fellow-citizens and your prayers to God, for the removal of this affliction from the Christian world. We do not say these things in a spirit of self-complacency, as though our nation were free from the guilt it perceives in others. We acknowledge with grief and shame our heavy share in this great sin. We acknowledge that our forefathers introduced, nay, compelled the adoption of slavery in those mighty colonies. We humbly confess it before Almighty God. And it is because we so deeply feel, and so unfeignedly avow our own complicity, that we now venture to implore your aid to wipe away our common crime and our common dishonour."
We have here a movement that cannot fail to be productive of much good. It was time that the various nations of the world should have their attention called to the existence of slavery within their borders, and to the manifold evils of which it was the parent; and it was in the highest degree proper that woman should take the lead in doing it, as it is her sex that always suffers most in that condition of things wherein might triumphs over right, and which we are accustomed to define as a state of slavery.

How shall slavery be abolished? This is the great question of our day. But a few years since it was answered in England by an order for the immediate emancipation of the black people held to slavery in her colonies; and it is often urged that we should follow her example. Before doing this, however, it would appear to be proper to examine into the past history and present situation of the negro race in the two countries, with a view to determine how far experience would warrant the belief that the course thus urged upon us would be likely to produce improvement in the condition of the objects of our sympathy. Should the result of such an examination be to prove that the cause of freedom has been advanced by the measures there pursued, our duty to our fellow-men would require that we should follow in the same direction, at whatever loss or inconvenience to ourselves. Should it, however, prove that the condition of the poor negro has been impaired and not improved, it will then become proper to enquire what have been in past times the circumstances under which men have become more free, with a view to ascertain wherein lies the deficiency, and why it is that freedom now so obviously declines in various and important portions of the earth. These things ascertained, it may be that there will be little difficulty in determining what are the measures now needed for enabling all men, black, white, and brown, to obtain for themselves, and profitably to all, the exercise of the rights of freemen. To adopt this course will be to follow in that of the skilful physician, who always determines within himself the cause of fever before he prescribes the remedy.

Philadelphia, March, 1853
From the pages of History:  Education you no longer receive.
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Governor Bob McDonnell Proposes $11 Million for Richmond Slavery and Freedom Heritage Site

English: The state seal of Virginia. Српски / ...
English: The state seal of Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Tourism Industry Supports 210,000 Jobs in Commonwealth; 2012 Was Record Tourism Year in State with $21.2 Billion Generated
Virginia Tourism Funding Provides 5:1 Return on Investment

RICHMOND - Governor Bob McDonnell has directed $11 million in his forthcoming biennial budget to the City of Richmond for the development, creation, and enhancement of the Slavery and Freedom Heritage Site in Richmond.  The proposed funding continues the governor’s commitment to strengthening Virginia’s tourism industry, which is a major revenue and job-driver in the Commonwealth. Over the past three years of the McDonnell administration, tourism funding, which has a proven 5:1 return on investment, has increased by over $5 million per year. In 2012, visitors to Virginia generated $21.2 billion in revenue from tourism in 2012, a four percent increase over 2011 and a new record high for the Commonwealth. The tourism industry in Virginia supported 210,000 jobs in 2012, an increase of one percent in employment, and provided more than $1.36 billion in state and local taxes. During the McDonnell administration, tourism revenues have continued to increase each year, with a total revenue increase of 12.3 percent since 2010.

Speaking about his budget proposal, Governor McDonnell remarked, “The institution of slavery on American soil was an abomination and affront to the dignity of every man and woman, all of whom are created in the image and likeness of God. Creating this heritage site in our capital city, where the horrific slave trade flourished, will serve as a critical historical reminder that we must be ever vigilant for the cause of justice and freedom. My recent tours of the Slave Trail and heritage site moved me to act now as we solemnly commemorate the sesquicentennial of the Civil War.”

The governor continued, “Tourism means jobs in Virginia. Over the past four years we have invested in Virginia’s tourism industry, and that investment has paid off at a rate of 5:1. Last year tourism generated $21.2 billion in revenue in our state, and employed 210,000 people. This should come as no surprise. Virginia has a compelling and moving story to tell. Our Commonwealth is where America began, was ripped apart, came back together, and was begun anew. The story of America was written right here in Virginia. Now, we have the duty and the opportunity to tell that story to the world. In the process, we both enlighten visitors from across the globe while creating thousands of good-paying jobs for our fellow Virginians right here at home. That’s what the creation of the Richmond Slavery and Freedom Heritage Site will do. It will bring thousands of visitors to our state’s capital, continue to tell the story of Virginia and America, as imperfect and tough as it is, and spur economic development and job creation. This is a targeted, smart investment of state dollars. It is good for education and history; it is good for our economy; it is even better for our country. I look forward to witnessing the construction and opening of this important historical landmark in the years ahead, and I want to thank Mayor Dwight Jones, Delegate Delores McQuinn, Governor Doug Wilder and others who all provided valuable input on the need for this important project.”

“This investment is so important because we’ve never fully or properly told the story of what happened in Richmond,” said Mayor Dwight C. Jones of Richmond. “The trade in enslaved human beings formed the economic backbone of this Commonwealth for centuries. As Richmonders and as Americans, we need to tell the full story of our country’s experience from enslavement to emancipation. Governor McDonnell’s budget proposal will help make it possible to tell this story in a bold way, and it will bring more people to Richmond to learn about the experiences of the men, women, and children who built this Commonwealth while living in bondage.”

Delegate Delores L. McQuinn (D-Richmond) noted, “I am elated that Gov. McDonnell is including 11 million dollars in his biennial budget to help advance the development of the Slave Trail to make Richmond an international destination. The monies will be used to educate citizens about the atrocities of slavery in America and the triumph of those enslaved persons after emancipation. For over a decade The Richmond Slave Trail Commission has worked tirelessly to tell this story of tragedy to triumph. Governor McDonnell’s visionary leadership will create an inheritance for generations to come as they learn about the African-American experiences, contributions and legacy to the United States and world history.”

Specifically, the governor’s budget amendments disburse the $11 million as follows:

·         $5 million for the planning, design and construction of the Pavilion at Lumpkin's Jail
·         $1 million for improvements to the Richmond Slave Trail
·         $5 million for the planning, design and construction of a slavery museum

The City of Richmond is required to provide local matching funds totaling at least $5,000,000 for the same purposes prior to receiving state funds.  In addition to the local matching funds, the City of Richmond shall provide and dedicate appropriate contiguous real estate prior to the receipt of any state funding for the purposes listed above. 
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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Anti Federalist Papers No. 27 – The Use Of Coercion By The New Government (Part 2)

"JOHN HUMBLE's," following piece was published in the Independent Gazetteer, October 29, 1787.

The humble address of the low-born of the United States of America, to their fellow slaves scattered throughout the world - greeting:
Whereas it hath been represented unto us that a most dreadful disease hath for these five years last past infected, preyed upon and almost ruined the government and people of this our country; and of this malady we ourselves have had perfect demonstration, not mentally, but bodily, through every one of the five senses. For although our sensations in regard to the mind be not just so nice as those of the well born, yet our feeling, through the medium of the plow, the hoe and the grubbing ax, is as acute as any nobleman's in the world. And, whereas, a number of skillful physicians having met together at Philadelphia last summer, for the purpose of exploring, and, if possible, removing the cause of this direful disease, have, through the assistance of John Adams, Esq., in the profundity of their great political knowledge, found out and discovered that nothing but a new government, consisting of three different branches, namely, king, lords, and commons or, in the American language, President, Senate and Representatives - can save this, our country, from inevitable destruction. And, whereas, it has been reported that several of our low-born brethren have had the horrid audacity to think for themselves in regard to this new system of government, and, dreadful thought! have wickedly begun to doubt concerning the perfection of this evangelical constitution, which our political doctors have declared to be a panacea, which (by inspiration) they know will infallibly heal every distemper in the confederation, and finally terminate in the salvation of America.

Now we the low born, that is, all the people of the United States, except 600 thereabouts, well born, do by this our humble address, declare and most solemnly engage, that we will allow and admit the said 600 well born, immediately to establish and confirm this most noble, most excellent and truly divine constitution. And we further declare that without any equivocation or mental reservation whatever we will support and maintain the same according to the best of our power, and after the manner and custom of all other slaves in foreign countries, namely by the sweat and toil of our body. Nor will we at any future period of time ever attempt to complain of this our royal government, let the consequences be what they may.

And although it appears to us that a standing army, composed of the purgings of the jails of Great Britain, Ireland and Germany, shall be employed in collecting the revenues of this our king and government, yet, we again in the most solemn manner declare, that we will abide by our present determination of non-resistance and passive obedience - so that we shall not dare to molest or disturb those military gentlemen in the service of our royal government. And (which is not improbable) should any one of those soldiers when employed on duty in collecting the taxes, strike off the arm (with his sword) of one of our fellow slaves, we will conceive our case remarkably fortunate if he leaves the other arm on. And moreover, because we are aware that many of our fellow slaves shall be unable to pay their taxes, and this incapacity of theirs is a just cause of impeachment of treason; wherefore in such cases we will use our utmost endeavors, in conjunction with the standing army, to bring such atrocious offenders before our federal judges, who shall have power, without jury or trial, to order the said miscreants for immediate execution; nor will we think their sentence severe unless after being hanged they are also to be both beheaded and quartered. And finally we shall henceforth and forever leave all power, authority and dominion over our persons and properties in the hands of the well born, who were designed by Providence to govern. And in regard to the liberty of the press, we renounce all claim to it forever more, Amen; and we shall in future be perfectly contented if our tongues be left us to lick the feet of our well born masters.

Done on behalf of three millions of low-born American slaves.
JOHN HUMBLE, Secretary
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Slavery in Virginia and it's Religious Origins - E-Book

English: At Thomson above Augusta will be sold...
English: At Thomson above Augusta will be sold the following valuable negroes... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of the Negroeswith the Planting and Management of Indian Corn, Tobacco, &c. and of their Timber, Stock, Fruits, Provision, and Habitations, &c.

The Negroes live in small Cottages called Quarters, in about six in a Gang, under the Direction of an Overseer or Bailiff; who takes Care that they tend such Land as the Owner allots and orders, upon which they raise Hogs and Cattle, and plant Indian Corn (or Maize) and Tobacco for the Use of their Master; out of which the Overseer has a Dividend (or Share) in Proportion to the Number of Hands including himself; this with several Privileges is his Salary, and is an ample Recompence for his Pains, and[Pg 37] Encouragement of his industrious Care, as to the Labour, Health, and Provision of the Negroes.
The Negroes are very numerous, some Gentlemen having Hundreds of them of all Sorts, to whom they bring great Profit; for the Sake of which they are obliged to keep them well, and not over-work, starve, or famish them, besides other Inducements to favour them; which is done in a great Degree, to such especially that are laborious, careful, and honest; tho' indeed some Masters, careless of their own Interest or Reputation, are too cruel and negligent.
The Negroes are not only encreased by fresh Supplies from Africa and the West India Islands, but also are very prolifick among themselves; and they that are born there talk good English, and affect our Language, Habits, and Customs; and tho' they be naturally of a barbarous and cruel Temper, yet are they kept under by severe Discipline upon Occasion, and by good Laws are prevented from running away, injuring the English, or neglecting their Business.
Their Work (or Chimerical hard Slavery) is not very laborious; their greatest Hardship consisting in that they and their Posterity are not at their own Liberty or Disposal, but are the Property of their Owners; and when they are free, they know not how to provide so well for themselves generally; neither did they live so plentifully nor (many of them) so easily in their own Country, where they are made Slaves to one another, or taken Captive by their Enemies.
OUR NOTES:  The above comes from the book below and is just a partial section within the pages.  It gives an historical view that can no longer be taught in schools thanks to the ill conceived separation of church and state.  It shows the religious beliefs behind slavery and what is often called the cruel and inhumane treatment of the Native American or American Indian.

  It is not our own views and is only presented for it's historical value and to uncover real history and not revisionist history that has been forced on us all in part by the so called separation of church and state. Servitude has it's foundations in religion and has been a part of Judaism, Christianity, Muslim, and other tenants of religious beliefs.  Servitude and slavery are not one and the same issue.  That is where the arguments against slavery were fought on moral grounds.

The State of Virginia - 1712 to 1725 from Chuck Thompson

Free downloads are available on this e-book from our slideshare site.  You will have to log in with either a Facebook account or a LinkedIn account or just set up a free account.  To read the book online, please left click the icon at the bottom right hand side of the slideshare container.  To exit full screen mode, hit the escape key on your keyboard.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Antifederalist Paper 15 – RHODE ISLAND IS RIGHT!

Normally we port in a slideshare version of the particular paper.  Today we have posted the entire paper here as it was a short one.  We have the usual version on our slideshare  site and it can be ported onto other sites or downloaded as usual.

Anti Federalist Papers No. 15

Rhode Island Is Right!
This essay appeared in The Massachusetts Gazette, December 7, 1787, as reprinted From The Freeman’s Journal; (Or, The North-American Intelligencer?)
The abuse which has been thrown upon the state of Rhode Island seems to be greatly unmerited. Popular favor is variable, and those who are now despised and insulted may soon change situations with the present idols of the people. Rhode Island has out done even Pennsylvania in the glorious work of freeing the Negroes in this country, without which the patriotism of some states appears ridiculous. The General Assembly of the state of Rhode Island has prevented the further importation of Negroes, and have made a law by which all blacks born in that state after March, 1784, are absolutely and at once free.
They have fully complied with the recommendations of Congress in regard to the late treaty of peace with Great Britain, and have passed an act declaring it to be the law of the land. They have never refused their quota of taxes demanded by Congress, excepting the five per cent impost, which they considered as a dangerous tax, and for which at present there is perhaps no great necessity, as the western territory, of which a part has very lately been sold at a considerable price, may soon produce an immense revenue; and, in the interim, Congress may raise in the old manner the taxes which shall be found necessary for the support of the government.
The state of Rhode Island refused to send delegates to the Federal Convention, and the event has manifested that their refusal was a happy one as the new constitution, which the Convention has proposed to us, is an elective monarchy, which is proverbially the worst government. This new government would have been supported at a vast expense, by which our taxes-the right of which is solely vested in Congress, (a circumstance which manifests that the various states of the union will be merely corporations) — would be doubled or trebled. The liberty of the press is not stipulated for, and therefore may be invaded at pleasure. The supreme continental court is to have, almost in every case, “appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact,” which signifies, if there is any meaning in words, the setting aside the trial by jury. Congress will have the power of guaranteeing to every state a right to import Negroes for twenty one years, by which some of the states, who have now declined that iniquitous traffic, may re-enter into it-for the private laws of every state are to submit to the superior jurisdiction of Congress. A standing army is to be kept on foot, by which the vicious, the sycophantick, and the time- serving will be exalted, and the brave, the patriotic, and the virtuous will be depressed.
The writer, therefore, thinks it the part of wisdom to abide, like the state of Rhode Island, by the old articles of confederation, which, if re-examined with attention, we shall find worthy of great regard; that we should give high praise to the manly and public spirited sixteen members, who lately seceded from our house of Assembly [in Pennsylvania]; and that we should all impress with great care, this truth on our minds-That it is very easy to change a free government into an arbitrary one, but that it is very difficult to convert tyranny into freedom.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Popular Rubbish - Harper's Magazine Why Vote?

Talk about a tough article to read.  Has this peron ever picked up a history book?  Or are we just seeing more history being revised?  As we read through the first article, Why Vote?,  we saw so many errors in the first two pages we had to walk away from reading the rest.  We have to explain what we mean here.  When you are seriously studying and researching history, history is not free from religion.  In fact, it is the basis and basics of history for the past 10 thousand years.

  When you try to remove the religious aspects of history, you end up with a very demonized view of events that can not logically be explained unless you are trying to show a demonized view of history and trying to demonize the past.  That is what we saw as the flaws in the above piece.  It is not our objective to shove any form of religious beliefs down anyone's throats.  Man or Woman for that matter have an individual relationship with one's God or higher power.  Your religious views or lack thereof are between you and your higher power.

  We are just pointing out what we see as common flaws that have penetrated the world over the past 100 plus years and gets more insidious with each new decade.  It has demonized the past in ways that have no logic left.  Instead the only conclusion one can have is that the world is evil and always has been so therefore must always be.  A study of the issues of slavery is a prime example.  We will be showing over the coming months that slavery was a religious moral.  It still is a religious moral in many parts of the world.  Failure to understand this is where so many people are lost as to what is really going on.

  The debates over the religious moral of slavery are centuries old.  Was the Civil War in the US over slavery?  You may be surprised that it was more of an issue of religious interpretations of Christianity on the morality of slavery than of slavery itself.  We have been compiling those documents for some time now and have already posted on this site one of the first digital publications of this issue.

  The issue is highly controversial and we are aware of that.  Again, it is not our intention to argue for or against the issues, just to show the true history of the events of the past, because they are no longer being discussed.  This is what happens when you try to remove religion from the world.  The world no longer makes any sense.  Stay tuned, this will get very interesting.
The battle of Gettysburg, Pa. July 3d. 1863, d...
The battle of Gettysburg, Pa. July 3d. 1863, depicting the Battle of Gettysburg, fought July 1—3, 1863. The battle was part of the American Civil War and was won by the North. Hand-colored lithograph by Currier and Ives. Español: Batalla de Gettysburg Magyar: A gettysburgi csata (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hidden History - Slavery And Conversion In The American Colonies

Portrait of Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peal...
Portrait of Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peale in 1800. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
What we are about to present we are calling hidden history for the very simple fact that it is hidden on the one hand and yet open and searchable on the other hand.  The reason we say it is hidden is because it touches on the subject of religion and is very religious in it's very nature.  Because it is religious based, it is not taught in the vast majority of schools here in the United States or in most other places around the globe.  In the US it can not be taught because of the so called separation of Church and State that has been so incorrectly interpreted.

  Therefore there is tremendous misunderstanding about the very nature of slavery in both American history as well as world history.  What everyone is fed these days as history is the events that happened, not why they happened or the why it happened can not be properly discussed because of the separation of Church and State.  Therefore, history is skewed in unnatural ways, and misunderstandings abound.  Interpretations can not be properly made when a great deal of the history of history is removed from the books.

  The separation between Church and State is so that one could not take control over the other as was common throughout most of history.  Church and State has always been so intertwined that it was nearly impossible to tell where one area started and ended against the other.  The founding fathers did not one Christian denomination to take control over another.  They  left it up to the individual to follow the dictates of his or her own conscious, hence religious freedoms, but not freedom from religion.  As John Adams has stated, "The US Constitution is for a religious people and will serve no other."

  The Fist Amendment of the Bill of Rights clearly states that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  What has Congress done instead?  They have made laws prohibiting the free exercise thereof.    This has been done in direct violation to the US Constitution.  What we would further like to point out, there is no such thing as the separation of the media and religion, or business and religion.  In fact, there is no reason that churches can not start to take over areas of the media, businesses and other areas of concern.

  It could prove critical to the future of the United States for religious concerns to start taking over areas of the media and businesses.

  Now to get back on track to the reason for this article.  Slavery and conversion.  We are not making a case either for or against what we are about to present.  We will be showing in the very near future the supporting documents to the one we are about to present.  We are leaving it up to each individual to come up with their own opinions on what you are about to read, should you choose to continue.

To read the ebook in full screen mode, please left click the icon in the far bottom right of the slideshare container.  To exit full screen mode, hit the escape key on your keyboard.  Free downloads are available on this ebook from our slideshare site or from the link at the bottom of the document.  It is our view that in order to properly understand history, you must have all the correct facts.  It is our mission to seek out those facts and present them for your consideration.


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