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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Gloucester County, Va. Is Now A 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

On December 3, 2019, the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors, after some grandstanded for the cameras and crowd, voted Unanimously to add the County to the ever-growing list of 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries in Virginia and across the nation.

Several hundred people filled the Old Courthouse and Court Circle, with some speaking mostly in favor of protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Gloucester’s Resolution to become a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary, like most other Resolutions in other places, is more symbolic than defiant of Un-Constitutional infringements of the People’s rights. Hopefully symbolism will be enough to peacefully curtail the intentions of the Democrats now in control of our beloved Commonwealth.

Not only do they intend to pass Un-Constitutional gun laws, they also fully intend to ease voter requirements by not requiring identification to vote, allow non-citizens to vote and other such Un-Constitutional measures.

They also intend to flood Virginia with more so-called refugees. In fact, our DemonRat Governor sent a letter to Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, asking that more refugees be sent to Virginia to settle.

We The People must peacefully standup against the tyranny our Democratic controlled government intends to inflict upon us. The only way to do this is through numbers. Millions of people who are currently standing up against the infringement of our 2nd Amendment Rights typically do not vote. However, they are standing up to defend our Constitutional Rights. When those numbers are added to the voters who support our Constitution, it is a huge statement. The momentum gathered in the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement should also be used to stop some of the Democrat’s other Un-Constitutional intentions. It should also be used to encourage non-voters to become voters.

On December 20, 2019, members of the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement will travel to Richmond for VCDL Lobby Day. For more information click here and here. Join the movement and be there to help protect our Constitutional Rights.
Thank You Patriots, for protecting our God Given and Constitutional Rights. A special Thank You to Mr. Mark Thompson, for bring the community together.

God Bless and Long Live The Republic!!

Kenny Hogge, Sr.

Some images from the December 3, 2019 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Meeting.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Why We Celebrate The 4th of July: Independence Day

Why We Celebrate The 4th of July - USA from Chuck Thompson

Above is the 7th Virginia planning their war strategy for an upcoming battle.

The largest cavalry battle of the American Revolution took place right here in Gloucester, Virginia.

We fought for our Independence from England partially because of taxation without representation.  Does anyone see anything similar today?

The king thought he had a right to treat his British subjects in these colonies as he saw fit.  The American colonies were flourishing in part because we gave up trying to use the kings coin for trading and debts and instead created our own script.  The king outlawed us using our own script nearly bankrupting the colonies.  The extra taxes without representation was insult to injury.

The British burned our houses and destroyed our crops.  But never our spirit.

The French came to our aid in the battle.

The Marquis de Lafayette came over with his and the king of France's frigates and infantry to assist us.

With perseverance we won the day against tyranny.  We need to stand up once again and claim what is right and demand our inherent rights no longer be infringed upon.   Happy 4th of July and may America see many more with great pride and dignity.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

We The People - Liberty's Kids, John Adams and E-books

The final episode of Liberty's Kids, number 40, We The People.  We have posted the entire series on here now along with a large number of history books, stories, pictures and artwork.  Though this is the end of the series for Liberty's Kids here, it is not the end of our Liberty Education Series by any means and we want to thank everyone for the continued and outstanding support you have shown us on these posts.

Thomas Jefferson" target="_blank">Declaration of Independence in Draft - Thomas Jefferson from Chuck Thompson

As part of our farewell to Liberty's Kids for now, we have created this very special and very rare view of the Declaration of Independence.  The first 4 pages are in draft mode as written by Thomas Jefferson.  This version was not destroyed but instead preserved.  The 5th page is the final document with all the signatures.  We just published this for the first time.

From the mini series, John Adams.  This is a great cut and fits perfectly here.  It gives a really good idea of just how difficult it was for our forefathers to make the decisions they did.

So our forefathers moved on to create a more perfect union.  Now begins the Federalist papers in that march.

Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jeffe...
Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson writing the Declaration of independence (1776) were all of British descent. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Friday, July 19, 2013

The Beginning of American Independence

By now everyone following these posts understands just what a difficult time colonists had during this period in time.  Deciding to become an independent country was not at all an easy task.  What we will show you that the video does not, and there is no real evidence to support the claim, but it is rumored in Gloucester, Virginia that Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence at Rosewell Plantation.  It is a fair argument in one sense that he did as he often had very long conversations with his close friend John Page.

(Image of John Page).

(Image of Rosewell House Plans)

Present day Rosewell Ruins in Gloucester, Virginia.  The long discussions between John Page and Thomas Jefferson had a great deal to do with American Independence.  The possibility of Thomas Jefferson traveling to Virginia to actually pen any part of the Declaration of Independence is very slim at best.  The seeds for what Jefferson wrote however, are very real.  So you can debate the subject til the cows come home.  Now, we present the final results of the first Fourth of July, 1776.

Declaration of Independence US" target="_blank">Declaration of Independence US from Chuck Thompson

Our freedoms, paid for in blood.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Today We Declare Independence From Tyranny

Liberty's Kids episode today is the second continental congress meeting to debate and decide the fate of our nation.  Our e-book today is that decision.  Our updated version of, "The Declaration of Independence".

Declaration of Independence US" target="_blank">Declaration of Independence US from Chuck Thompson  This link is for a free ePub edition of this document.  Free downloads.  Just click the free user section.  This link is for a free PDF version of the above document.  Free downloads.  Same as above.

You can also download a version from our SlideShare site but you have to sign in with either Facebook or your LinkedIn account.

All part of our Liberty Education Series.
English: marcelina fernandez signature. Españo...
English: marcelina fernandez signature. Español: Firma de marcelina fernandez. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Let Them Not Take Our Freedom's - Alexander James Jay

Open Letter to the Citizens of Gloucester County Virginia,

For the Common Good.“  Have you ever read the Constitution of the United States?  How about the Constitution of Virginia?
Happy Memorial Day to you!
Today we honor the men and women of our great country that have given service in the time of need to obtain and maintain our freedoms.  Virginia has given up many sons and daughters in the many wars since the beginning of our county. Some gave all for the cause they believed in.  We have many veterans that we live near or work with daily.

Let’s look at their accomplishments.  We won our independence from a county that did not respect our rights as citizens of that country, a country that placed unfair taxes on us.  There are many things that we fought for, read our Declaration of Independence to remember.  We have been in many wars over the years to maintain our way of life and to help others to obtain the freedoms that we have.

As our politicians like to ask us let us give back the freedoms that were fought for many times over.  They will give us security in exchange for giving up these freedoms.  Let’s think about that for a moment.  The countries without freedoms are the ones we have fought with during the many wars we have been in.  Did those countries have security? No.  They were little better than slaves to the powers in charge.  It took many years for all of our citizens to be given freedom and we should not allow our politicians to take away our freedoms.

How can we ensure our security, not by taking away our rights.  We are a commonwealth; “for the common good.“  We need to stand together, looking out for each other the way we have done in the past.  We are stronger together than separately.  Look what Virginia’s sons and daughters accomplished working together with other like minded individuals.  Virginia’s sons and daughters and those of the other 12 Colonies did not look at how different we were from one another but how we are alike; the things we have in common, our love of freedom, family, and the belief that others should not tell us how we can live. Because of their sacrifices we have our great country and the ability to honor those that have given us our freedom.

To survive and return to our greatness, before our current recession, we need to focus on how we are alike not how we are different.  We need to remember the freedoms in the Bill of Rights – Speech, Religion, etc and that we do not dictate terms to our neighbors we take care of our own house, but remember to look out for our neighbors.

For our veterans of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Merchant Marines, and Navy and families of these service members thank you for the love of and service to our county.


Alexander James Jay

Have you read the Declaration of Independence?  Here it is if you have not.

United States of America" target="_blank">Declaration of Independence - United States of America from Chuck Thompson

And now our Bill of Rights:  The original 10.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rosewell's Legacies Continue To Live On

Rosewell Ruins - By Chuck Thompson of TTC Media
Rosewell Ruins - By Chuck Thompson of TTC Media (Photo credit: Battleofthehook)

American History" target="_blank">Rosewell Ruins and American History from Chuck Thompson

Rosewell, the mansion and one of the finest homes built in all of colonial America may be in ruins today, but it's legacies continue to live on in both the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as the United States as a whole.  With Mann Page who was one of Virginia's governor's and Thomas Jefferson who spent a great deal of time with his friend Mann Page, the seeds of liberty were well sown in this home.  It has been a Gloucester rumor that the Declaration of Independence were drafted here.  Though there is no evidence to support the idea that Jefferson came back to Gloucester to do so, there is a reasonable argument that can be made that through the many conversations between Mann Page and Thomas Jefferson, the ideas for such a draft did originate here.  So it becomes a matter of semantics.

  Rosewell Ruins is the focus of our new free tools for local businesses.  We have designed an advertising piece around the famous ruins in order to help local businesses promote themselves and at the same time promote tourism, history and the Rosewell Foundation all in one single shot.  We are also giving away a free e-book of Gloucester, Virginia history 1893 along with this ad.  Businesses will be able to copy a link for the download of the e-book to their site and give away this e-book to their customers and their customers will never know where it actually came from.

  There are more of these types of ads coming for local businesses as well and businesses can mix and match or just stick to one ad that they want to work with.  There are no costs to any of the businesses to get involved in sponsoring any of the ads.  The only real costs are for printing the pages of the ads for distribution plus the time it takes to set up each ad for the individual business that the business is in complete control of.

  We are hosting and licensing the source files for local businesses here and the information for this ad campaign will be available by May 8th, 2013 if not sooner.  We are also hosting and licensing the e-books for business distribution.  There are no costs for this either.  This is the download link to the free e-book on Gloucester History written in 1893.  The e-book itself is an historical piece of history in electronic form.  It's free to everyone.  This will also be the same link put up along with the source files shortly.

This is a copy of the book and can be read right here online.  It can also be downloaded from our SlideShare account.  Businesses can also host the SlideShare e-book on their site if they think it would help.  We hope local business enjoy these new tools.

  For all the latest news, please click on the Home button towards the top of this site.
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Some of Gloucester's most incredible history is found on this site in detail.
Gloucester, VA Links and News – A GVLN Website.
We cover what no one else will.
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