Monday, July 8, 2013

Chicken Tamales - Recipe Of The Day

#3238 chicken lunch
#3238 chicken lunch (Photo credit: Nemo's great uncle)
Soak some trimmed corn husk (bought in Mexican stores) for several hours
in cold water, then boil until soft, remove; dry on cloth, and rub with
lard. Cut up a fat chicken, cook until very tender in just enough water
to leave about four cups. Chop up cooked chicken, add corn meal or masa
to boiling hot chicken broth until a thick dough; add salt to taste, one
tablespoon chile powder, or chile sauce No. 1; add tablespoon of lard
and knead all together until light and smooth. Now to all the chicken
add enough chile sauce No. 1 to mix thickly together; add about
one-fourth cup of sliced olives and a few whole ones and one-fourth cup
seedless raisins, and a few whole ones, salt to taste and cook together
for five minutes; spread corn dough evenly over shuck or husk about
one-eighth inch thick. In center of one larger husk place a large
kitchen spoonful of chicken; spread over this one tablespoonful of
dough; place another husk spread with dough; continue placing husk
around on all sides until about ten are used. Tie ends together with a
strip of husk and place on end in a colander over boiling water for two
or three hours, or place some corn husk in bottom of vessel, pile
tamales on top, pour in about a quart of water, bring to a boil and
steam slowly for three or four hours.

Make something extraordinary tonight.
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