Monday, July 8, 2013

Congressman Rob Wittman On Federal Sequestration

This is not a democratic issue, it's not a republican issue, we do not play the party blame game here on this site.  This is simply big government playing hardball politics to pacify political desires.  Our leaders need to once again understand that their jobs are to govern the nation on behalf of the people as we are a nation by the people and for the people.  Not by the people for special interests, not by the people for corporations, not by the people for government officials.  Those ideals be damned and those who would believe in them also be damned.

  Our founding fathers must be clawing inside their graves at this kind of garbage.   We have to give credit to Congressman Wittman for his stands and leadership.  He's at least looking like he it trying to do what is right for this nation in this video.
English: Congressional portrait of Congressman...
English: Congressional portrait of Congressman Rob Wittman, 112th Congress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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