Tuesday, July 9, 2013

United We Stand - No taxation Without Representation - The Stamp Act

 This episode of Liberty's Kids, #3, is called, United We Stand.  Liberty's Kids is a very well researched and presented account of American History.  We are using these cartoons as part of our Liberty Education Series as they are fun, entertaining and educational.

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Here we have a copy of the history of the Stamp Act.  Ever wonder where the famous phrase came from, "No Taxation Without Representation", came from?  Here is the historical story and why it matters.   Today we have plenty of taxation without representation.  Is it fair?  No.  Why do we allow it?  Because too many people have no understanding about the history of this nation and as such, have no idea why it could possibly mean anything to them.  Unless the American people once again learn history and why it matters, our rights will continue to vanish.
No Taxation Without Representation!
No Taxation Without Representation! (Photo credit: jessie owen)
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