Monday, July 8, 2013

Gloucester County Supervisors Spendthrift With Your Tax Dollars

It was only a few short months ago we heard the Gloucester County board of supervisors crying over not having enough money and wanting to raise taxes on everyone in the county.  So what did they do this past week?  On Tuesday night at the board of supervisors meeting, they voted to give all county employees an extra day off with pay.

The county employees had Thursday, July 4th off as part of our national holiday celebration.  That is all fine and good.  No issues.  But the board of supervisors voted to give all the employees off on Friday, July 5th, 2013 with pay.

  Let's be fair.  The county employees do deserve that break, I will give them that, however, let's look at the bigger picture and see if that decision made any sense.  Starting this Friday, federal employees are laid off one day per week for the next 11 weeks without pay.  They can not use sick time nor vacation time to cover the days lost.  They will not be paid for those days off.  It's the federal government sequestration project designed to hurt the economy because of stupid lousy government politics.

  That means that a lot of citizens who are employed by the federal government are having their pay cut in a manner that will cause serious financial hardships.  Each employee is losing 2 days pay from each paycheck for the next 11 weeks. All of these employees still have all their bills, mortgages, car payments, travel expenses, insurance and food to pay like everyone else.  Each of these folks still have their taxes to pay as well.

  Now how do you think it looks for government employees who are being cut back to learn that local government is spending these folks tax dollars to pay employees not to work?  We have talked to several federal employees and they are mad as hell about this.

  They want to know, what is the board of supervisors is going to do if and when money is so tight that bills must be postponed for payments?  What plans and or actions are the board of supervisors taking into consideration for this?  So we will be sending this post to the county board of supervisors and we will be expecting their answers or lack thereof.

  For here in the United States, government is meant to be by the people, for the people.  Not by the people for the government.  Not by the people for special interests.  Not by the people for corporations.  Each member of the board of supervisors was elected to serve the people, not serve against the people at any time for any reason.  Local government employees are in place to assist in governing by the people for the people.  Special interests, corporations and government for itself be damned.  We all expect what is fair and just.
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