Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Croutons in a bowl
Croutons in a bowl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Curry in the spice-bazaar (egypitan) in Istanbul
Curry in the spice-bazaar (egypitan) in Istanbul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Peel two medium-sized onions, cut into thin slices. Put in a stewpan with a small lump of butter and fry until lightly browned. Pour over them some white stock, judging the quantity by that of the fish; one ounce of butter, little curry powder, salt, lemon juice, a little sugar, and cayenne pepper. Boil the stock for fifteen or twenty minutes, then strain into a stewpan, skim and put in the fish, having it carefully prepared. Boil gently, without breaking the fish. Wash and boil half a cup of rice in water, and when cooked it should be dried and the grains unbroken. Turn the curry out on a hot dish, garnish with croutons of fried bread. Serve hot, with the rice in separate dish.

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