Monday, July 8, 2013

The Lexington Invasion - Liberty Education Series

Today we are beginning an all new series.  It's the Liberty Education Series.  It's designed to make learning history fun and exciting and bridge the gap of the very serious lack of historical education the citizens of these United States suffer from. We are using the best forms of educational entertainment we can find.  Nothing dusty or dry.  We have been watching the Liberty's Kids series to check on the level of factual information and have found them to be very well researched and presented which is why we will now be posting them into this site.

  Along with the videos we will be including free e-books that back up what you have seen.  This helps to make learning more fun and it does not seem like learning until you discuss the ideas.  The e-books will all be presented on this site and also made available for download to be read at a later time.  If you miss any copies, we are also posting the title along with the link on our e-books page.  All again are free.

  We hope you enjoy this new series.

The King's Men Move To Lexington from Chuck Thompson

Liberty's Kids
Liberty's Kids (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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