Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Battle of the Hook, Ending Show, Liberty's Kids, 37, Born Free And Equal

The Battle of the Hook, American Revolutionary reenactment is now over, however, our ending show still has a few more episodes and we have plenty of stories to tell for some time to come.  So there should be no disappointments.  The only disappointment one could have is having missed this superb event.  Early indications are showing that this has been the nations largest American Revolutionary battle reenactment.  The event was spectacular with land, sea and cavalry battles unmatched by any other we have ever seen all in one location at one event.  Everyone who participated must be commended for an outstanding job.  They created the time machine that truly brought anyone who attended this event back to the time of the American Revolution itself.

  With that said, please enjoy Liberty's kids episode number 37, Born Free and Equal.  Unfortunately, in this modern day and age, the issues of being born equal has been for the most part robbed of us for it's original intentions.  What is not known these days about American History is that what being born equal, the meaning is one where no groups or titles were to be recognized by either our government nor our court system.  We all know that groups control both of these areas of the US these days and dare I say in violation of the original Constitution?  I dare say it but few will ever understand it.  Groups also control titles such as attorney, doctor, CPA and so on.  These were only considered professions with no group standings during the early days of this nation.  Call yourself an attorney today and try practicing law without a union pass and some union folks will pay you a visit very quickly and charge you with violations to their union laws.  The bar association is not a state  agency in any state that we have ever seen.   But we are not attorneys and not looking for a visit from the union folks.  So much for being born equal under the Constitution that has been usurped by tyrants.
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