Thursday, October 24, 2013

Battle of the Hook, Ending Show, Liberty's Kids, 38, The Man Who Wouldn't Be King

The Battle of the Hook event is now over and was spectacular.  We have presented Liberty's Kids episodes 1 through 36 as a pre show to the event.  The Battle of the Hook is an event during the American Revolution that was a part of the siege of Yorktown, Virginia and occurred just before that siege.  So Liberty's kids helped to tell the story of events that led up to this battle.  We are now finishing up the remaining Liberty's Kids videos as a salute to the incredible event that just took place here in Gloucester, Virginia.  Today is Liberty's Kids episode number 38, The Man Who Wouldn't Be King.  George Washington had an opportunity to become the King of this nation but refused to accept any title of nobility.

  When the new US Constitution was drafted and for the first one hundred years of our nation, titles of nobility and groups and or classes were not recognized by our government.  Progressives came in and forced changes and now we are told that capitalism is failing because it does not work.  Actually, it's the slow communist infiltration's into our system that has put wedges into capitalism and the American way of life that is failing as we are all forced to bear the burdens of groups and class warfare.  We have been studying the laws and codes of various states and we see how groups and classes have altered and placed wedges and burdens on all the people of this nation with weasel worded laws and codes that work directly against the people whom are supposed to be served and protected.  Now we are hunted at numerous levels.  A great example of being hunted by our own government are animal control laws.  When man puts animal rights over the rights of his fellow man, that is designed as a form of hunting and extinguishing groups and classes of people.  How do you protect yourself from being hunted in this case?  Do not own any animals.

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