Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Battle of the Hook, More Photos From 2013 Event Including House Fire

We still have not managed to figure out our final count, but our estimate so far is over 6,000 photos taken and about 6 to 8 videos.  3 Videos are in full 1080P HD and include the burning of the farm house on Sunday's battle reenactment.  It's going to take us months to go through all the content we have and several years to even begin to share it.  What we can tell you is that the planners in our own opinion, really understated what to expect.  This was truly time travel into history and as close as anyone can ever come to living what life was once like during the colonial era.

  This was the type of event one always expected Yorktown to produce and has failed to come anywhere near close to producing.  It blew Colonial Williamsburg out of the water for historical interpretations and we take nothing away from Colonial Williamsburg by saying that.  We love CW and would not trade it for anything, but they can not even produce an event of the magnitude that Gloucester just pulled off for the second time and with more flash, flare and graciousness that was put into this event.  This second event proved even better than the first.

  We asked the question, will there be a Battle of the Hook event again next year?  The answer is no.  What we learned was that the 2008 event was meant as a one time event.  Questions kept being asked and requests for a second event finally overwhelmed those involved in the first event.  So it was determined to hold one more event.  18 months went into the planning of this event for those not aware of this fact.  Warren Deal, Stephanie Heinatz and all others must be commended on an incredible job.

  We were further informed that to even consider another event, would take at least 4 years to put together again as there is no way to get all of these people back again each year as they have commitments to other locations for reenactments.  The question of continuing the tradition was not ruled out when we kept digging.  On that same note, this is considered to be the last event of it's type as well.  So only time will tell if there will ever be another event like this here.  We did put a bug in the ear to consider a Bacon's Rebellion event that did take part on the grounds of Warner Hall.  Again, only time will tell what comes up.  Now for the much awaited photos our headline promised.

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