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Friday, September 26, 2014

Battle of the Hook, 2008 Special Video

Photo By; Chuck Thompson of TTC Media, All Rights Reserved.

Sometimes digging around areas you find little gold nuggets.  Well while we were digging around the county's special interest video archives, we found this little nugget and could not help but put it up for everyone to see.  Being big fans of the American Revolution and the great job that many within the county did putting both Battle of the Hook reenactments together and making these events happen, we had no choice but to share this.  This video is from the first event that occurred in 2008.  We have not seen anything from the 2013 event.  Which also reminds us, there is a brochure out circulating in the state of Virginia for Gloucester County tourism that lists Battle of the Hook as an event for 2014 and will be in October.  It's a very old brochure and there will not be a 2014 Battle of the Hook event for 2014.

  These events were very costly and very difficult to produce.  It take about 5 years to get groups together for this kind of event.  It takes at least one year just for the planning and staging.  Would we love to see another one?  Of course.  Can it be done yearly?  No way.  Will there ever be another one?  We are not counting on it, but would love to see it anyway.   We have a very large selection of photos from both events posted all over the net and a decent number of videos too.  We still have a lot we have not yet shared.  One day we may get to them.

American Revolution a
American Revolution a (Photo credit: Battleofthehook)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Inn at Warner Hall Named Among Best Bed and Breakfasts in Virginia

Inn at Warner Hall Named Among Best Bed and Breakfasts in Virginia (via PRWeb)
The historic Virginia country bed and breakfast was voted among the top B&Bs by readers of Virginia Living Magazine. The Inn at Warner Hall is located in Gloucester, Va. and is a bed and breakfast and special event venue. Gloucster, VA (PRWEB) May 19…

Our Notes:  A well deserved honor for this grand gem of Gloucester.  Several of us had the privilege of having lunch one day with one of the owners during the Battle of the Hook re enactment last year.  He was most gracious and generous.  We could not have been more surprised and pleased with every aspect of everyone and everything at the Inn at Warner Hall.  If you are seeking a way to take a step back in time, yet not give up all of the amenities and or luxuries of today's modern life and also want something romantic and off the beaten path while still close to the heart of everything, this truly is the answer to your dreams.  Try it once and you will be hooked for wanting to come back as often as you possibly can.  Visit their site now.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Battle of the Hook, Ending Show, Liberty's Kids, 38, The Man Who Wouldn't Be King

The Battle of the Hook event is now over and was spectacular.  We have presented Liberty's Kids episodes 1 through 36 as a pre show to the event.  The Battle of the Hook is an event during the American Revolution that was a part of the siege of Yorktown, Virginia and occurred just before that siege.  So Liberty's kids helped to tell the story of events that led up to this battle.  We are now finishing up the remaining Liberty's Kids videos as a salute to the incredible event that just took place here in Gloucester, Virginia.  Today is Liberty's Kids episode number 38, The Man Who Wouldn't Be King.  George Washington had an opportunity to become the King of this nation but refused to accept any title of nobility.

  When the new US Constitution was drafted and for the first one hundred years of our nation, titles of nobility and groups and or classes were not recognized by our government.  Progressives came in and forced changes and now we are told that capitalism is failing because it does not work.  Actually, it's the slow communist infiltration's into our system that has put wedges into capitalism and the American way of life that is failing as we are all forced to bear the burdens of groups and class warfare.  We have been studying the laws and codes of various states and we see how groups and classes have altered and placed wedges and burdens on all the people of this nation with weasel worded laws and codes that work directly against the people whom are supposed to be served and protected.  Now we are hunted at numerous levels.  A great example of being hunted by our own government are animal control laws.  When man puts animal rights over the rights of his fellow man, that is designed as a form of hunting and extinguishing groups and classes of people.  How do you protect yourself from being hunted in this case?  Do not own any animals.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Battle of the Hook, Ending Show, Liberty's Kids, 37, Born Free And Equal

The Battle of the Hook, American Revolutionary reenactment is now over, however, our ending show still has a few more episodes and we have plenty of stories to tell for some time to come.  So there should be no disappointments.  The only disappointment one could have is having missed this superb event.  Early indications are showing that this has been the nations largest American Revolutionary battle reenactment.  The event was spectacular with land, sea and cavalry battles unmatched by any other we have ever seen all in one location at one event.  Everyone who participated must be commended for an outstanding job.  They created the time machine that truly brought anyone who attended this event back to the time of the American Revolution itself.

  With that said, please enjoy Liberty's kids episode number 37, Born Free and Equal.  Unfortunately, in this modern day and age, the issues of being born equal has been for the most part robbed of us for it's original intentions.  What is not known these days about American History is that what being born equal, the meaning is one where no groups or titles were to be recognized by either our government nor our court system.  We all know that groups control both of these areas of the US these days and dare I say in violation of the original Constitution?  I dare say it but few will ever understand it.  Groups also control titles such as attorney, doctor, CPA and so on.  These were only considered professions with no group standings during the early days of this nation.  Call yourself an attorney today and try practicing law without a union pass and some union folks will pay you a visit very quickly and charge you with violations to their union laws.  The bar association is not a state  agency in any state that we have ever seen.   But we are not attorneys and not looking for a visit from the union folks.  So much for being born equal under the Constitution that has been usurped by tyrants.
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Friday, October 18, 2013

Battle of the Hook Pre Show, Liberty's kids 36, Yorktown

Battle of the Hook Pre Show.  Liberty's Kids episode number 36, Yorktown.  This ends the pre show for the Battle of the Hook as the event officially kicks off October 18th, 2013 and everything up to this exact episode are the events that led to the Battle of the Hook.  Now this battle took place just before Yorktown, it was a part of the battle plans and strategy of the siege of Yorktown.

  We will not be posting any further videos until after the event at which time we will finish the series in commemoration of the Battle of the Hook event.  Our present plans are to be on site at Warner Hall taking early pictures and video and we hope to get them up later in the evening for everyone to get the early view of what will be coming.  We are very excited about all of this and have spent the past few days preparing all of our equipment and we even looked at shooting live event feeds, however, no WiFi is available in the area which is a requirement for us to produce the live feeds.

   Below is information you are going to need if you are attending this event.  It shows you where you need to go to park for the event.

Gloucester, VA Crier, Battle of the Hook, Event Parking from Chuck Thompson

  Now because we are going to be spending a great deal of time at the event, we will be limiting our posts on the site over the next three or four days but we will be coming back with a vengeance as we start to produce media from the event.  Look for it.  See you there.
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Battle of the Hook Pre Show, Liberty's Kids 35, James Armistead

Battle of the Hook Pre Show.  Liberty's Kids episode number 35, James Armistead.  We are now only a few short days away from the event of the Battle of the Hook here in Gloucester, Virginia.  If you have not heard about this event until now, what rock have you been hiding under?  This is the event of the year.  An American Revolutionary War Reenactment and one of the largest and most complete ever seen in one location.  If you are just hearing about this now and you have the time to spare and do not mind traveling, we highly recommend it.  The are here is sold out of rooms but Williamsburg still has rooms left and is only about a 30 minute drive away along one of the most incredible roads in the nation.

Below are directions on how to get to Gloucester from the main points around Virginia.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Battle of the Hook Pre Show, Liberty's Kids 34, Deborah Samson

Battle of the Hook Pre Show.  Liberty's Kids episode number 34, Deborah Samson Soldier of the Revolution.  We are now only days away from the event of the Battle of the Hook.  If you are new to the site, the Battle of the Hook is an event that occurred just before the siege of Yorktown where America won the biggest battle against the British effectively winning the war for American Independence.  In essence, the Battle of the Hook was a part of the siege of Yorktown and it is also the location of the final surrender of Cornwallis troops to American and French soldiers.

  All of this happened in Gloucester, Virginia which is just across the river form Yorktown, Virginia.  The Battle of the Hook event is this coming weekend.  Below are directions to Gloucester from major points around the state.

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