Monday, November 4, 2013

Gloucester, VA Board of Supervisors Consider Ordinance To Cheat The IRS?

Gloucester, Virginia:  The Board of Supervisors to consider changes to it's local ordinance that has not been in compliance with state code is now being considered for change.  The wording still does not reflect state code which would mean in our book, a violation to the Dillon Rule and further seeks to sell guns, under certain circumstances, for one dollar each.

  Now on the one hand to be as fair as possible on the one dollar gun sale, we can go along with it under proper considerations.  According to the new ordinance being considered, a Sheriff's deputy can buy his firearm from the county, after 20 years of service, and upon retirement from service, for one dollar.  If a deputy retires before 20 years of service, and after 15 years of service according to the new ordinance, the deputy can buy the gun at fair market value.

  Here is where there is a real problem with the 20 year plan.  It's at taxpayer expense.  Now, if the gun, after 20 years of service, is at a fair market value of let's say $250.00, that is a loss of $249.00 per person, who retires, to the taxpayers.  Now if the ordinance took into consideration the tax ramifications of this ordinance, then wording should have been put into the documents being considered that the one dollar purchase consideration is with the note that the remaining balance of the the fair market value will be added to the compensation  of the retiring officer for tax purposes.

  In other words, no free rides.  We are not looking to take anything away from anyone who has committed a life to law enforcement.  There are plenty of deserving law enforcement officers that should get a fair break.  The tax compensation liability is still more than fair and much less than paying fair market value and is still fair to all taxpayers.  Under present consideration however, the county has the documents that fail to take this aspect into consideration which to us is cheating the taxpayers not only of the county, but the state and at the federal level as well.  It's still compensation and must be factored in.  The ordinance as it is worded is a free ride and cheats everyone.

  Further, state code does not recognize Animal Control as deserving any considerations for the purchase of handguns at anytime from what we have read.  Even if the county allows it with this ordinance change, it has become to late for ex Animal Control officer, Carl Shipley, to fall into the new ordinance to purchase his handgun.  Is the Board of Supervisors going to go out violating more state codes and potentially cheating the taxpayers and the state along with the IRS?  This Tuesday's board meeting will be a very telling tale.

Also, how could county attorney, Twitching Ted (I'm Not An Attorney) Wilmot, the court jester, write this kind of dribble without showing proof that Animal Control should even be considered?  And is the board going to buy this dribble without proof of such?

Below is the documentation from the county on all of this.  Because we can't make this stuff up.

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