Friday, November 8, 2013

Gloucester, VA Sheriff's Deputy Shot In The Line of Duty

Reading through this weeks tabloid paper, the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal proved to be hilarious.  In the back part of the community section, "Gloucester County Department Reports"  was a section titled "Three New Employees Join County In September".  Well the third paragraph down is where the best part of the news was located for anyone who missed it.

  "There were two workplace accidents/injuries reported during the month of September,  Muricha said an employee of the sheriff's office suffered a bullet wound to the foot due to accidental discharge of a firearm during a training exercise".

  This is what happens when you give Barney Fife a bullet.  We had a local deputy shoot themselves in the foot.  Was he trying to protect the floor and put his foot in the way to make sure that no harm would come to the floor?  Will Darrel Warren be giving this deputy the purple heart?  Maybe a lead foot award?  Bravery in the line of duty?   Will this deputy be getting a new bullet to replace the one discharged into the foot?  Maybe the deputy should keep that bullet in the top pocket like Barney did?  What should be considered is putting this deputy, when they come back to work from this injury, the job of holding the hands of the local judges while they get out of their personal vehicles and then when they go back and get into their vehicles from the courthouse.

  But then again, maybe the judges would not be to comfortable with a deputy capable of shooting themselves in the foot?  Welcome to Mayberry everyone.  How do you live this down?
Publicity photo from the television program Th...
Publicity photo from the television program The Andy Griffith Show. Pictured are Don Knotts (Barney Fife) and Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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