Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gloucester, VA Judges Requests Private Chambers For Personal Vehicles At Taxpayer Expense of Course

Gloucester, Virginia:  Judge Long is going to the Board of Supervisors requesting private chambers for his personal vehicle.  It seems according the the county's own documentation, all the judges want these private chambers for their vehicles not feeling very secure about the decisions they hand down on the people everyday.

  We think it's a good idea even though it's further expenses to the taxpayers and does nothing to benefit the taxpayers other than lock these judges in a small space that they will then not be able to get out of should someone really want to get to them for their decisions.  If the judges want to pin themselves into a corner with a security wall and become trapped rats, we think they should have that right.  Let them pay for it however.  It does nothing to protect the taxpayers.  This is the type of garbage they do in banana republics because of all the criminals who run the systems there.  If we are to follow the examples of the banana republics, then it is telling us that maybe there is a reason for such?  Are our judges corrupt?  Are they handing down decisions that have nothing to do with law but instead are political or for financial gain or for favors to the few?

  It's a fair question.  Below is the documentation of the request for the private vehicle chambers spun to sound all nice.  Next they will all want their own private police body guards to meet them outside and hold their hands as they walk into the courts.  They already have the private police in the courts, just not outside.  Welcome to the banana republic of Gloucester.  You have to pay to get in, you have to pay to stay, but when it's time to go, it's free to leave.

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