Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gloucester, VA Judges Private Vehicle Chambers Pushed Off Til Later Date

The Gloucester Board of Supervisors have pushed off making a decision on the requested private vehicle chambers for the Gloucester, Virginia Judges who have expressed a concern for their own safety and want special privileges not afforded anyone else.

  Part of the reason why the decision was held off was that the requests coming from 3 judges are all different as to what they want and the estimate for a new private security area was done in a rush in hopes that the present board would push it through for the judges.  With 3 Board of Supervisors now leaving, they could have taken the heat for yet another decision where tax spending continued uncontrolled.  It will now come before the new board that is coming in to make the decision if they want to fund the private security for 2 of the 3 judges as one of the 3 is retiring at the end of this year.

  The issue we brought up on this site about the Judges needing the local law enforcement to hold their hands as they enter and leave was brought up and Sheriff Darrel Warren stated that the Sheriff's office has provided that service, however, there is a cost for that as well and someone would always have to be on hold to continue to do so.  The private chambers for the Judges vehicles still does not provide the Judges with safe security and they would still need a county sheriff's deputy from time to time should they feel threatened.  So what is the point?  What makes these people think they are above all the rest of us?

  Mr Chrisco seemed to be the only voice of reason on the Board that kept the decision from being pushed through tonight on this issue for providing funding without more information as to exactly what was being funded and how much.  If the judges really want to trap themselves like rats in a cage, we say let them.  However, let them pay for it.  Then they can build themselves a castle for all we care.  Do we really want to live in a Banana Republic?  Our Judges are telling us it's already here.  Are they part of the problem?
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